Wordless Wednesday – XXVIII

What is the duck thinking? Best one wins a badge.


44 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – XXVIII

          1. Hehe, the pic reminded me of my own self.. I look exactly like this when I take off the lenses and then proceed to find my glasses 😀

  1. awesome pic…the duck is thinking this “what should be the next pose I should give for Comfy’s amazing pics”

  2. Such a nice pic. I see a lot of sadness pouring out that little creature, for some reason. Maybe he just bid goodbye to a loved one, which is always hard no matter how much one prepares to face it.

  3. Here goes :

    “If only I could get that profile picture from comfy, I’d upload it in Quack quack Matrimony. Sigh.”

    “If I just perfect this style of walking, will I look like Mahatma Gandhi? What say?”

    “Damn the spondylitis. I should get that fancy neck rest thing.”

    “Shy is coming, I think. Should I ask Revs for expert advice?”

  4. Its friday evening. Let me walk around with this hunched back and tired look for a few more minutes while actually dreaming about the weekend getaway. 🙂

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