Some days

Some days you question everything..
Some days you wonder if any of this is worth it.
Some days you weigh price vs. rewards..
Some days things just don’t add up.

Some days the scale tips too far..
Some days the guilt gets too hard to carry.
Some days the heart grows heavy..
Some days words in your head stop to make sense.

Some days you don’t get to hold a little someone..
Some days you tell yourself they won’t remember.
Some days you hear a cry for Maa even in deep sleep..
That day you break down.


42 thoughts on “Some days

  1. Somedays… No, EVERYNIGHT you just need some sleep and you will start thinking all this nonsense. Seriously! Go get some sleep, will you? Else I am so biting you! 😡

    PS: It was a good read though? 😉

  2. Has your work been too demanding in the past few days?
    I just hope that by the time you read this message you feel a lot better,happier and lighter from the time you must have written this post.
    Hugs to the little fairy and the mumma fairy 😀 😀

    P.S.- you just wrote a beautiful entry to this contest —>
    (Check it out, it’s the ‘Mommy Guilt’ Contest )

  3. What do you mean you don’t get to hold her? Where is she? 😕

    You know I absolutely adore your comment box. It’s white and large and I can type in it easily minus my reading glasses! Heh! 😀 😀 😀

  4. Beautiful lines Comfy! I know that feeling…
    Though we cant wish it away, hope that these some days are just very few and far in between.

  5. hugs sweetheart!

    you write so well… I did this a few days back, called out for ma in the night.. and it tugged K’s heart a lot apparently.. and he ahd to cuddle to make me feel better… I miss my ma now.. i wish she hurries back home.. *sniff*
    and then, i think, how terrible of me! My sis is the youngest and she would be missing her so much and this period is for a short one and my sis again has to wait for months…

    love your writing!

    1. Mothers are just something else are they not Pixie.. We fight with them when they are around and miss them like crazy when you are not.. sigh..

      Till your Mom comes back.. hold on to K a little extra tight 🙂

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