Wordless Wednesday – XXVII

Caption this. Best one wins a badge. All entries in by Thursday 10:00 P.M. IST are valid.


90 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – XXVII

  1. The Guitar Melody.

    Guitars R US!!!

    The Music – Reloaded.

    The Day the Music died…

    P.S. I’m the first commenter on your blog! Yipppeee!

  2. Whoa! Did you click this? Where? 😮
    Anyway, I have to really get my head out of spreadsheets to think of a caption, good luck to me! 😦

  3. Here goes :

    1) Made in China. Hence the population explosion.

    2) We mostly produce baby guitars. Sometimes though, there are baby drums. And baby pianos. Damn genetic mutations.

    3)No one will buy us because there are lots of strings attached.

      1. @chatterbox @sakshi : hey, that’s one hell of a compliment 🙂 Thanks!

        as a side note, comfy’s last contest was the only contest i’ve ever won, outside of school/coll/academics. i used to suck even at bursting the balloon, lemon and spoon etc 😀

  4. 1. ‘See, we come in so many varieties but with a common thread err.. string attached.’
    2. ‘ Fell in love? No prob. You too can do Mohabattein like SRK. Just pick one among us and get started’ 😀
    3. ‘Kya kya nahin kiya maine. I tried so many guitars. I even tried keyboard but to no avail. I couldn’t patao her ‘ 😀 😀

    1. It’s OK T.. next time you don’t want to think of a caption..let me know..I will add you to the Jury too. You might do a better job in keeping that brat in check than I am doing 😀 😀

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