Tech Talk

Work has a habit of sneaking in other aspects of our life. For most part I either get irritated or just shrug it off and go on. But sometimes I just laugh and laugh and laugh some more.

I am in the kitchen doing whatever needs to be done while D is reading a book to Buzz. Now Buzz has a very small attention span. She reads and points at things for a little while and then wants to move on to other things. D being the persistent one in the family is not letting her go do whatever it is she wants to do.

Picture this:
D: Moon kahaan hei? (Where is the Moon)
Buzz: Points to the Moon
D: Star kahaan hei?
Buzz: Points at the Star
D: Bear kahaan hei?
Buzz: Tries to turn the page in the book
D: Buzz Bear kahaan hei?
Buzz: Looking here and there.
D: OK Rainbow kahaan hei?
Buzz: *Raises both of her hands high and shakes her head screaming* Nain Nain Nain (Which is nahein or her no)
D: *Turns to me and says* Is kaa bhi na thodi time mein Stack Overflow ho jata hei. Phir error pe error aate rehte hein (After some while even her Stack Overflows. Then all she returns are errors)
Me: 😆

PS: I know a lot of you will not get this, but some of you might and laugh a little too.


44 thoughts on “Tech Talk

  1. Would you believe it? I got it!! 😀

    Considering my nil tech knowledge and even worse knowledge in Hindi, I actually got this!! You are rubbing off on me too, I think 😛

    Go Buzz 😀 and Go D!

  2. ayyo my cutie Buzzu, tell Maa and Paa to not loop the same thing infinitely 😛
    even if they do, all you need to do is ‘exit()’
    Simple 😀
    Then nobody would laugh at your stack overflow 😆

  3. OMG … ROFL …. 😀 😀 I can’t control my laughter 😀 :D…..
    Stack overflow and to think I was trying to fix the same error today 🙂

  4. Haha, both Ma and Dad are code crazy, poor Buzzie. Why do I have a feeling that she is going to learn C faster than her mother-tongue 😛

  5. One thing is for sure…our Stack is never going to overflow…nor is it going to give any errors with these cute Buzzie pie anecdotes!! 🙂 🙂

  6. i had a dream of building an operating system that’ll spit on the user(i continue to be gross 😦 ) if it didn’t like a command the user typed in 😀

    i’ll convey that to buzz, which she’d improvise and maa and paa will be in trouble land 😀

        1. girls, when buzz comes up with that OS and is celebrated all over the continent and thanks me in her interview saying that I inspired her, you will have to stay away from the cover page. bah!

          1. IF she comes up with such an OS, I have every intention of staying away from her..and you. But will ensure that you are send along with her where ever she goes.. So that you get to bask in spray of OS love.. 😛 😛

  7. Well….I might not have got the technical bit of it, but I got an absolute understanding of what that phrase must have meant.
    When you wrote about the ‘short attention span’, I could actually imagine buzz going “no no no” with hands up in the air and head moving from side to side (well that’s the version I see everyday with the kids of my neighbors 😀 😀

    Buzz’s verdict is final, if she just wants to stick to a page for a minute, so be it :mrgreen: 😛

    As far adding punch lines from technical or movie world, I am very fond of doing it myself, hence the excellence 😉 😉

  8. Stack overflow! haha…too cute. I think Buzz will pick up C faster than her mother tongue 😀 And adding those hindi lines make for such a fascinating and lovely read.

  9. talk of limited attention spans.. but then these are starting points for some real awesome conversations and lol matters..

  10. I burst out laughing reading this post… Im in the IT field so everyone around me started giving me the “Look” 😉 Thanks for the laugh!! 😀

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