Wordless Wednesday – XXVI

What is the fish saying to the other fishes or us.. Best one wins a badge 😀


90 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – XXVI

  1. ” make it faster guys, flip your fins faster if you wish to see Leonardo before the Titanic sinks”
    Love that cool blue-green water and your ink 😀 😀

  2. “move it, move it, move it” – to the other fishes (if you’ve watched Police Academy, you’ll know :D)

    “Ugh! The perils of being a manager! How do you humans do this especially since they all talk too?!” – to us

  3. “Hey look, there are humans. Come on, it’s time to show them what ‘grace’ really means”

    Ok I know it doesn’t make much sense…but I love the way the fishes swim so gracefully. 😀

  4. What are you looking at, eh? We have work to do and oceans to swim, unlike all you folks surfing and blog hopping at office. Shame on you 😛

  5. I love these contests Comfy. To better my chances of winning I’ll submit three entries for the contest (I hope it’s not unfair on others) 😀
    1. What are you looking at? It’s just a fish. Haven’t you seen one? What?! You humans are hopeless (with a pout) 😀
    2. Hey guys, make way for me, I getting late for my girlfriend 😀 😀
    3. Arrey yaar… tum log ko aur koi jageh nahi milli kya? Sab ke sab yahin pe aa gaye? 😀

  6. wht this now? Spot the female fish contest? clearly ,the one with the mouth open has to be the female! 😀

    “Ooh look guys,Dont u think my lips look exactly like angelina jolie’s! :D”

    The other fish “Will u keep ur big mouth shut and move on “

  7. Fish 1: Oh No! Comfy is taking a picture!!!!!! 😯
    Fish 2: Dude, don’t freak out! She’s gonna put us up for Wordless Wednesday!!
    Fish chorus: we are phamus! Phamus! Phamus!!!!!


  8. “oh jejus…oh ganpati bappa….oh abhishek ke pappa…. look i’m more phamusss than rakhi sawant..” 😛

    “main khilaadi ..yeh sab anaadi” 😉

    “ek chumma tu mujhko udhar deide”

    1. @ Dido : that was hilllllllllllllllarious 🙂 ROFL….. ” imagine the fish swirling it’s tale and singing..”ek chummma tu mujhko udhar de de”…or for that matter … “main to raste se jaa rahi thi…” GOVINDA style 🙂

  9. “Talk to me…. bhool jaayen saara jahan…. Talk to me….. banale hum apni nayi jahan….” 😀 😀 (I don’t know the wordings exactly) 😀 😀

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