Hit it

We have a stool something like this..not the same colors but you get the idea right?

It is the perfect height for Buzz to sit down on and hence is a favorite of hers to play around. Another favorite toy of hers to play with is the disks of the Microwave idli maker.

So over the weekend Buzz sat on the stool playing with the disks, while I sat on the couch reading a book. I would look up every now and then to see what she was up to.

– Her legs are hanging while she sits and plays
– Her legs are folded underneath her
– All but one disk are on the floor. She is holding the last one. Half sitting half crouching
– She is sitting on the disk on the stool with her legs out wide

I hear her cry out and look up to see her on her stomach with the disk between her and the stool..hand and legs out wild like she is swimming. And she is screaming out loud ofcourse. I keep sitting to see if she can figure it out. In between screams and huffs of frustration she somehow manages to scramble down on her belly head first. I am all set to cheer her on for getting off without my help when she gets up, full of energy. Starts to come running towards me. Stop for a second between her run. Hits the stool (all indigent). Runs to my arms.

Don’t know where she learned the hitting bit but I was in splits. The expressions on her face were priceless. Now I guess I should start teaching her ‘Hitting is bad’. Oh well 🙂


53 thoughts on “Hit it

  1. Awww. Bravo thangachi! I repeat: this is sooo me. Whenever I fell down, I used to hit or kick the ground and admonish it before I walked away 😀

    1. We do have sunshine in our home 😀

      Wedding stool?? 😯 I did not even know there was something like that.. naa I was in India a few few years back..saw these..liked them so got them over..

      1. Yupp Comfy…I got this one too…given to me on my wedding 😛
        They are meant mostly for Pujas and stuff…though it has its uses…its a great place for Buzz to sit on 😉

        1. OK this is real news to me..No the ones I have are not from my wedding. I have two of them..and I paid money to buy them myself.

          The are kept as decoration in my house..not for puja’s..and Buzz uses them all the time..to sit..to stand..to jump off .. 😀

  2. She must’ve picked it up at daycare…when someone must’ve tried to touch her watermelon slice pockets she must’ve done the same thing 😉 😛

  3. ROFL! And just when you think she’s covered all the cute things in the universe, she comes up with a new one 😛 😀

    Be happy Nams, I used to make a list for Amma to beat after she came back from work, like the door, table, wall etc 😛

  4. I remember seeing kids hit things that hurt them…bad [insert thing here] 😛 Hilarious!

    By the way…kinda off topic…but you get microwave idli makers??? Where???

  5. May be this is an instinctive reaction.. Chotu did that too and I was taken aback the first time he did it, coz hitting was never an answer to anything we did at home!..

    But I liked the way you let her figure out for herself how to get out of the maze.. the sense of accomplishment they exude when they work around these little and big hurdles are a sight to see, relish and store away in the memories slotted “best moments in my life”

    1. Yeah..me too..Not sure where she learned it from..

      I try and let her do things her way..figure them out on her own..Help only when I know she is really stuck or might get hurt..and yeah the joy on her face when she accomplishes it all is amazing to watch 🙂

  6. Aww am glad she is safe Comfy as my heart skips a beat…when I hear my niece crying..always worrying where did she hurt herself now.. They are shhhho shmalll that they keep bumping into things…and they are soooo delicate that they bound to get hurt.

    But kudos to Li’l babyyyyyyyy 🙂 she shrugged it offf alll..and smiled away 🙂

    Hugsssssssss baby 🙂

    P.S. What a way to capture these moments na comfy……..am sure when she grows up this weblog would be the best gift for her…besides you 🙂

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