Travel Thursday – Cholla Cactus Garden

I was at a loose end at Joshua Tree. Not sure what to do. My brother’s battered old sports car. Empty national park roads. No cops. Well did not have much of a choice now did I? So off I went speeding down the curved roads. Stopping every now and then, for whatever caught my fancy before driving on. Came to a crossroad. Directions to one side pointed to a town which meant this was the way out of the national park, the other side said ‘Cholla Cactus Garden’ which sounded kind of interesting. One right turn and drove on till the board proclaiming the Garden caught my eyes.
I parked the car in the designated parking lot, got out and was treated with a natural garden. I am not sure what I expected but this was not it. Here were endless Cactus called Cholla, not grown and groomed by humans but planted by nature and nurtured by nature. The only human touch was the path created by the park officials for which I am really thankful for.
Beware of this garden

Why you ask. Well take a closer look. And these sharp thorns break down in clumps and roll on the ground with the wind. And I had one such clump hit me right at the back of my foot, with 5-6 of these thorns going deep in. One such experience was enough and am glad to not repeat it again. 

Beauty all their own

No matter how harsh the climate and how dangerous the thorns there is a beauty in it all. And the new life which turns the tips of the branches green add to the charm of it all. Sort of like hope in the intense heat and the arid, inhospitable land.

New life

As is the nature of thing where on one side the new life buds on the other one ends. Scattered in the middle of the new budding cacti, there are cacti which are dying and dead. Brown, black, almost like lit up by fire and now charred.

Dried out cactus tree

But even in the end they show another wonder of nature. As the thorns dry off and fall, out emerges the bark of the Cholla..almost artistic, kind of of holes. What a sight that is, what a wonderful hidden secret, the immense hidden treasures of nature. 

Closer look

As for the contest yesterday: the correct answer is as you might all know by now the dried up branch of the Cholla Cactus. I was kind of expecting most to get to the dried branch part but you guys have some imagination 😆 I did not expect anyone to know the correct answer so was not planing on giving out anything at all 😛 😛 but your innovative answers made up my mind for me. There were three people who actually said ‘Dried Branch’ and hence the badge below goes to:  

Doli, Nu and Ambuli’s Amma 


Congratulations ladies. A big applaud for all three of you for seeing things the way they are 😀


62 thoughts on “Travel Thursday – Cholla Cactus Garden

  1. Yaya.. 1st the second time *does a ganpati bappa morya style dance* and yes Nu won YAAYYYYYYY *does a jiggle to the Tamil music that plays in the back ground of Lola Kutt’ys shhow* … wow .. that was a cactus branch… awesome Comfy…. 😀

    And Congrats to all winners… I bet all of you wear specs 😛

          1. People like me, I guess, who did not even try to guess what it was :D. But oh, I did take a close look at the pic, just wasn’t smart enough for the guess game 🙂

              1. Of course you won’t. I’m saying it about myself. 😀 I was lazy to play the game…just sat back and watched all the interesting comments pour in 😀 Had I taken the time to take a closer look and at least guess, it would have been nice of me 😀 Oh well, next time 😛

  2. Wow that garden sounds amazing Comfy. Nature does have so many treasures; one just has to take the right turn every now and then to find the treasures that are waiting to be discovered 🙂

  3. wow didnt expect it to turn out to be correct! thank you! when I see your posts, I feel as if you are travelling all the time everywhere.. im so Jealous 🙂

  4. Wow! that was quite a contest (by the way have you seen the answer to the puzzle that was on my blog ?)
    Congratulations to the winners, but I feel it’s people like me who miss the mark make the contest all the more fun 😀 😀
    There should be an award for off-the-track replies 😉 😉

    Very interesting plant indeed, both in full shot as well as in close up 😀 😀

    1. I saw..I saw..and I am staying sooooo faaarrrr away from you 😀 😀

      Yours was not off-the-track reply so you would not qualify either ways 😛 😛 were oh so close 🙂

  5. Wow…interesting place. Who knew cacti could look so interesting?! 🙂

    By the way, I just noticed your tagline today “Life always makes more sense in hindsight” and I think that is so apt….with hindsight we seem to realise everything and wonder why we didn’t think of it before. The beauty of hindsight 😛

  6. 😀 and I thought it was a sweater…. “Shilpa looks with a sheepish grin”
    Cactus… oh my and that too a garden full of it…. 😀

  7. Ooh, that was interesting!
    When did you post this? Why did it not show on my reader? Are the timings on the comments right?? Because this seems from yesterday, and I was on a roll for first comments! And here I am 24 hours late! :O

  8. Yayy! Congrats to the winners 😀 😀

    The garden sounds really interesting! There’s one cactus garden inside Ramoji film city too where they picturize most of the judaai songs 😛 😛 Thatz what the guide told us atleast 😉 😉

    1. Ok…the drama became melodrama here 😛
      I loved all the pics…yeah even the Cholla bark 😛 I’ve always found Cacti very interesting…they survive in the harshest climate…like you said…a ray of hope for the dying 🙂

  9. YAYAYAAY….nananannenennan…traalllaaaaa..*singing and dancing AND making faces at Sags :P*

    YAY me won me won !!!

    thanks for the lovely badge Comfy…and congratulations to Doli and AA 🙂

  10. Darn. How did you suppose we would have thought of that? 😀

    Congrats to the winners! Had to be ladies but of course. Men simply don’t have the patience to sit and look at a picture (which doesn’t have nude women or cars or gadgets) and guess what it is!

    Cactus gardens sounds scary to me! Why would anyone want to go there at all? 😕

  11. great job on posting this …
    i find your blog by blogwalking…
    already bookmarked your blog…
    i’ll coming soon to see your latest..

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