Wordless Wednesday – XXV

Tell me what this is.. The correct answer wins a prize 🙂


79 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – XXV

  1. Guess 1:Seems like somebody’s leg bone got holed at the knee 😉
    Guess 2: Weaver Bird’s nest…
    Guess 3: leg of a canned chair…
    Guess 4: I’ll dream about and tell u tomorrow morning …
    Gn Comfy :)… good night bloggys:) … sleep well yaaaaaaaaaawn !

        1. yup yup…. Nuttie’s Mr Insomnia attacking…
          Pinooooooooooo running, hiding, just missed … whoooooooohooooooooohwoooooo 😉

  2. Woodpeckers aren’t that patient.
    It has to be weathering of a rock or destruction of a dried bark by some insects.
    The thought of it being a sea sponge doesn’t fit it’s length and the background (though blurred) but it is definitely as calcified as the corals in my part of the world.
    Can’t wait to know what it is 😀

        1. Result will take some time coming. Want to give everyone a chance to answer..so thought to let this post be up for 24 hours and then look at who comes up with what 😀

    1. group chat… me invite me!
      Pinnooooo thinks of bribe :
      mango slices for pockets … noonoo
      organges… hmm nope
      candy collars ….

  3. nice… but, what IS that?!
    I loved the detailing and it looks like a nest or honeycomb… not sure!
    waiting for your answer Comfy!

  4. Bark of a tree, nest, snake-hole made by ants @ their innovative best 😛
    And then, thermals … looks so much like the shape of a leg .. so there 😉 😉

  5. Hmm…. scratching my head as usual…
    Is that the sleeve of a wollen sweater or a scarf which you have stretched to take that shot 😀
    Well I can’t stop laughing at my own answer… Waiting for your verdict 🙂

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