Month: May 2010

She did what??

Buzz is playing in a corner after her customary greeting for D when he comes home. So it is my turn to claim and greet my husband. I give him a hug and right that moment Buzz looks up..stops all the play and stares at us. Not look..big eyes ‘What you doing’.

D the prankster he is, starts walking me backwards, so I am not visible to her..and walks me up the stairs around the bend.

About 30 secs of absolute silence..then we hear Buzz screaming..not crying..random loud babbling..and she seems to be coming closer..

Suddenly the voice starts to fade as if she is going is taking her too long to get to the stairs..curiosity gets the better of us and we come back down.

We find her coming running to us..with a magazine, that D had been reading the day before which was on the couch, in her hand. She promptly hands that to him and comes running to me and clings to my legs.

Since then we have been debating, was she really thinking and doing what we think she was doing? Handing D a thing of interest for him so that she could claim her Maa back? We can’t be sure. It can’t be. She is too young to think and do a thing like that, isn’t it. So we debate. But what do you guys think? Is there another explanation?

Travel Thursday – Pangong Lake

Ladakh is famously known for its lunar landscape, but you never know what that means till you actually get there and look with your eyes. But in all the drive we did and as much as we were impressed by the beauty of it all, no drive was as much a feast to the eyes as the drive to Pangong Lake. The lake came highly recommended by the local people but was said to take 5 hours each way from Leh so we debated quite a bit about going but in the end decided to brave a 10 hour drive in the rocky, twisting, turning mountain roads.
Lunar like landscape

About an hour in to the drive we left the plains behind and what we saw had us mesmerized. And we came to appreciate the beauty that is brown mountains with no support from green trees or white snow. All on their own, making patterns out of the various shades that make up brown, these rocky mountains stood tall, capturing everyone’s attention. And looked amazing whichever angle they were looked at.

Beauty in brown

Sometime we would spy the splattering of blue and green that is the effect of it. We would spy wild animals, heard of cow drinking their fill at these spots. We would also spot little 10-12 year old on the road, begging for a ride. The norm is that these kids are allowed to ride along, since they are making their way to or from school which are very far apart and most of these kids walk 10 Kms or more a day to get to them and back, which does not include the rides they catch. Puts our lives and all our so-called hardships in perspective, does it not?

Effects of water

Finally after 5 hours or so of bumpy and curvy high altitude ride we reached Pangong and were left speechless. The sheer vastness of the lake (it is 134 KM long), the clear blue water, the brown mountains surrounding it, the blue blue summer sky, with white clouds adding a splash of color to it all. Words cannot do justice to what the lake is, what that view is.


We were extra lucky since there was no one around. The kids we gave a ride to, ran off to finish their trek home. Most of the people who had made their way to the lake that day (they were very few) were sitting in the small hotel at the start of the lake (why would anyone want to do that is beyond me, but to each his own) so we had the lake all to ourselves. To gaze take in the beauty walk along the bank.

Taking in the beauty

Our guide pointed out a few interesting facts about the Lake. Pangong is a endorheic lake which starts from India and goes on to China, with 60% of the lake being part of China. Pangong is also a salt water lake which is rare at that altitude, with no fish or any other form of aquatic life. And does freeze in winter despite having the high salt content. Once done he left us be, to explore and capture the beauty of Pangong the way we felt fit.

Looking at China

That was exactly what we did. Till it was time to turn back and make our way back to Leh.


Monkey Business

Friends of ours are relocating to a different city and need to downgrade. So she tentatively asked me if I would mind taking her daughters soft toy collection for Buzz. She would give it to charity otherwise. But it would make her daughter happy if she knew her soft-buddies were with someone she knew. Me being me (all for good, free stuff) said ‘Yes ofcourse. So on came a basket full of soft toys.

Buzz has been buzzing around the bright-colored basket since but having never seen soft toys is staying away from them. So yesterday evening, I sat her down on my lap and started taking out each stuffed animal, playing with it and letting Buzz see what all the fuss is about.

Out came a bear with a long floppy hat. We laughed endlessly at the hat doing back and forth.
Then came a bear dressed for Christmas. The colors so bright..our eyes went wide.
Next came a rabbit. One ear bend. The other one standing straight. A lot of time spend trying to get the ear bend. Alas kuttey ke dum..err khargosh kaa kaan ??
Out came a camel. Stood up straight. What fun to make it fall down.
It was the dog’s turn next. It was laying down. So we pet it, all the while cooing to it.
What the kangaroo had to be the next. And how Maa made it bounce and every time it landed on Buzz’s stomach she cracked up.
The frog hand puppet was not to be left behind. So in went Maa’s hand and a gruff voice came out as the mouth moved. What fascinating stuff.

..similarly some more came out..which I don’t remember.. and then came out the dark brown, hairy, long limbed, long-tailed, Monkey. And Buzz screamed in terror. Came scrambling in to my lap. Would not look at the monkey till I put it away. And once he was in the basket, buried it with all the other animal friends.

I told D about what happened once he got home for the day. He tried the monkey on her..exact same reaction. We don’t like Monkeys apparently 😀 😀

The look on my friend’s daughter broke my heart. Her eyes brimming with tears as she handed over her toys. Just before they left, my friends asked her to pick one toy she wanted to take with her. She jumped in..grabbed one..looked up with pleading eyes..’Amma one more, please Amma’..Two heads (my friend and mine) nodded in yes. The little sweetheart picked another and the smile did not leave her face, neither did the grip on her toys loosened till they left. Aww honey..I am so sorry. But promise that Buzz will take good care of your friends.

All Get the well best soon

Dear Akka,

You had to go and do something like this. Did you not. Why Akka? And if you had to go and hurt yourself, was a twisted ankle not enough? Why did you have to go hurt your elbow as well? Now you have me all worried on how you will write your exam? How much pain you will be in. How you will get past the next 5 or so days.

I know you did not mean to. You were sleepy and you slipped. But do take care please. Your exam I am not too worried about, I am sure you will do well (you are my Akka after all). But the painkillers you are popping and the side effects they might have is what I am thinking about. And the pain you are feeling is what I am thinking about.

But you are still so brave. You smile. Crack jokes. Continue to study. So Akka here is me wishing you ‘All the best’, ‘Get well soon’, ‘Come back and see me once you are done’, ‘Hugs hugs hugs’.

Crack those exams,

PS: Please send my Akka warm wishes everyone.

Growing up

Dear Buzz,

Last night, you were too tired so you climbed on to my lap, lay down and looked at me with sleep filled, half closed eyes. And all of a sudden I was taken back to the time when you were a few months old. You used to look at me the exact same way, while I would try to get in as much milk in you as I could, so that you could sleep on a full stomach. Right that moment, I felt my heart pinch a little. When had my little baby grown in to a toddler? When did that sleep drenched, intense gaze go away from looking at me to looking elsewhere? When did I get so engrossed in sleep training you, that I forgot to hold you just before your sleep overtook you? And I started remembering little things that you used to do, but don’t anymore. 

Like the way you used to be so happy when we used to go for a drive at night. All the lights had you gurgling with excitement. You would not stop turning your head this way and that till exhausted sleep took over. Now night lights are a norm for you. You look but don’t find anything particularly exciting, unless it is a billboard with lights and works.

Like the way driving in the car was like a sleep inducer for you. You could sleep within 10 mins of the car being in motion and you would not even get up for a feed for hours at end. Now car rides are a time for screaming and babbling for you. You look around, point at something or the other, pull your shoes. But sleep is not part of the deal, even if it’s way past your bedtime.

Like the time when you used to lay down in one place, kicking your legs, spinning in circles, licking your toes, batting your hands. But I could walk out for five minutes and come back to find you in the same spot. Now I can’t get up to go somewhere and not have you run there before me. No place is safe. The bathroom, the stairs, the bed. You are all over. Never still.

Like when you used to pull on the lever of some of your toys my mistake and would be pleasantly surprised when the music started playing. Now you know which button to press to play the music. And the said music playing does not have much of an effect. It is mostly just a byproduct of the action you performed. Not of consequence.

Like when I used to make a cradle of my hands and you fit in perfectly, head to toe. Now I can’t even hold you in the cradle of my hand. You come almost up to my head level if I am sitting down on the floor. You want to be picked up and help so that you can look around, that is if you want to be held. Else you want to be running around on your own.

I am not saying that I am upset that you are growing up, but once in a while something gets to me and then I yearn for those small things of days past. I wish I could get some of those moments mixed with the current going ons. I know I am being an emotional fool, but Maa has that prerogative, sweetheart. Maa is and can be and is totally excused from being  a total fool about you. Maa is allowed to walk down memory lane and feel nostalgic at how quickly you are growing up and what all you are leaving behind. Just don’t grow so much, for anytime soon, that you are no more Maamaa’s little girl. Stay happy, stay healthy, stay you always.

Loads of Love,