Head held high

Summer is here, so out came the sunglasses. What fascination they hold for Buzz. She giggles endlessly when she sees us wearing them. Tries her best..by pointing..smiling..being cute (oh and she knows the effect her being cute has and has starting using that..fake cute..I tell you) to get hold of them.

While cleaning, this past week, I came across a pair of broken sunglasses, where one arm is missing. I gave them over to her, to see what she make of them. Literally snatching them out of my hand, she promptly placed it on top of her head just the way I do (hair-band style), when I get out of the sun. With on arm missing and the sunglasses too wide for her, they would not stay put. So she held them with one hand and walked around like that..all the time..and the smile did not leave her face. The pride was something to watch.

D can in, saw this, took the sunglasses from her, placed them on her nose. They fell down immediately. He picked them up and placed them back on her nose with instructions.

Buzz munh upper rakhna

all the while showing her how to balance the glasses on her nose, tipping her head up.

Oh baby, the sunglasses are now glued to her face. The head..err nose is held high. Walk around like one of those snooty babes. Only difference is the big grin on the face which has us cracking up non-stop.

Perfect way to spend the weekend, with lots of laughs and smiles 😀

The other arm has now been broken as well. Makes for much easier handling..placing on the nose.

64 thoughts on “Head held high

  1. Lol! You evil people, get her propah shades, will ya? 😀

    PS: She’s already doing ‘fake’ things and all? *gasp* My thangachi is growing fast!!!

  2. Wow! Buzz is getting all set for sunnies this summer 😀 😀

    With the second spoke gone, I can imagine how high she needs to hold her head to keep them balanced 🙂 🙂

    A gorgeous babe is on her way to dazzle the people of USA 😀 😀


  3. aww…how cute :)…totally can imagine her doing all this with that wide grin on her face..that million dollar smile 🙂 hugs to the little darling 🙂

  4. Lolz!!! Reading about Buzz is such a nice way to start the day.. I can imagine how fun this ‘head held high’ episode must be for you :D… But whom has she taken over … Mom??? *Ducks* …. na na Comfy am just wondering ;p

  5. Hahahah, SO SO cute. I’ve said this before, and I will again. You really should get a kala tika n this blog 🙂 And just how do kids figure out when they’re being “cute”? My little nephew did/does that too!

    PS. Nice change of template.

  6. Whoa…way to go Buzz darling…you got your first pair of shades too!! YAY!! 😀
    So what if one arm is broken, you don’t mind that, do you?? 😛 How else would you pull up stunts like these and crack up Mom and Dad, right?? 😉
    *Secretly talking with Buzz* Why don’t you get hold of Mom’s/Dad’s pair and break it and then do the ‘nose held high’ thing?? Would be fun!! 😀 😀 😉 😛

  7. Buzzu baby is the cutest 😀

    Booo you both giving her broken goods… wait till she grows up and chucks handbags coz a thread has come out or used-once clothes coz they are not ‘in’ anymore 😛 😛

  8. She is already copying cool mum …way to go Buzz. 😀

    ** runs and runs before comfy catches ***

    Ufff…too much running …

    The page looks gorgeous. Will you keep for sometime please ? 😀

  9. How dare you gave her broken glasses?
    Buzz,pls send them to old age home,when they are old,okie?

    And reg that proudness,yes i have watched it daily,the routine is to pick up DD’s sunglasses once he is in for lunch,wear it by herself and hold on to it,since it is big and demands me to clap hands for her.

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