B for ball

Anything  round is a ball. Let me correct that..anything sphereish is 3-D is a ball. Anything roundish in 2-D is a ball.

So yesterday we are looking at a picture book. A picture of  bunch of balloons.

Buzz: Baaalll
Comfy: Nahein bachee.. Balloon
Buzz: Ball
Comfy: Balloon
****************** Continues for some time ******************
Comfy: Buzz bool Balloon
Buzz: Baboon

And as I crack up..chants of baboon are heard all over the house.. from a play thing to an animal in 3 easy steps 😀 😀

54 thoughts on “B for ball

  1. You evil Maa, dont laugh at her. Her Akka called a balloon as ‘Baiyoooon’ for a long long time. Can’t blame the thangachi now, can you? We are like this wonly 😀 Baboon it is! Go Buzzie love!

    1. Oh yeah..I can get mad at her.. when she does the same thing after being told for the 1000th time.. 😦

      Do you really want a baby..or you want a baby to play with for a little while before handing him/her back to his/her Maa?? 😀 😀

      1. No I want a baby but my finances have a different story to tell 😉 …. Nope I love kids and can manage pretty well… right from staying up playing to staying up chaning nappies 😀 ….

  2. See how focused Buzz is 🙂

    Very bad Comfy you keep confusing her and the end result, she sticks to what she thinks and adds your view to it to please you 😀 😀

  3. cho cute and saying it so many times.. must be a lot of fun to hear..

    with us it was Baaoon for a long time.. funny part is when he first said “Baaoon” i tried correcting it and when he got the right pronounciation I asked him to go back to saying “baaoon”..

  4. Based on u r writings comfy, if I even try to visualize buzz’s antics, am beginning to crack up big time… 😀 amazing she is.
    and to buzz:
    ball/baboon it is…whatever you would like to say doll… 🙂

  5. Comfy comfy comfy, I so wanna listen to that … plssss put up an audio clip 😛 😛 And loadssss of hugs to the sweet Buzz 🙂 When will my baby grow up [after being born I mean ;)] and when will I teach her abt baboons etc… 😆

    1. Go ahead get one soon,when all of us are enjoying(read adding constant troubles) growing up kids,its very unfair that you are still a non-parent,soon comeup with your lucky baby.

  6. baboooon??? 😀 so cute!!!
    (makes me confused – isn’t she supposed to be scared of the monkey family? :D)

    i soooo want to hear her say it! love babies’ way of pronouncing things! like the other day, in the train, a baby went on with “mama nana mama nana”, I only understood what she meant when her mum gave her a banana 😀

  7. Haha, how cute!! Wait till she grows up a little bit more and then looks at you in severe doubt (Does my Mom know anything?) when she is convinced she is right 🙂 My daughter has a teacher with a strong non English accent and she says Agooost for August, no matter how many times I try to correct my baby, she rolls her eyes at me and says “But Ms.D says its Agooost”..Sigh…

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