Travel Thursday – The Lake next door

Nothing much to write here.. This was our Sunday evening. Sitting and watching the sun go down on a lake about 10 mins drive from home.

Setting sun
Another angle
Houses all lit up
The Wait

This has been our place to visit on a beautiful..nothing to do..evening..night. The beauty of it all..there is something very calming about it..which makes us feel the love..even when the place is bustling with crowd.

42 thoughts on “Travel Thursday – The Lake next door

            1. Thats purely due to all the -ve currents that were created here due to alien-intervention 😛 Thats why I landed in spam-land 😀

  1. Fifth is the latest fashion trend… and anyways i like the letter ‘F’ … I like the term ‘five’ too… u know like ‘hi-five’ … I like the number too .. it’s an interplay of straight lines and curves.. the only one in the number series… then I like the idea of having 5 things in the shopping list and yes haven’t you read that if you know five people in the world you know the world. Then the number of fingers are also five…. Five is life!!!! … You guys still want to be first?

    @Swaram: Me too…. and seeing the photos above cant we just gate crash into Comfy’s house! I mean a home with 10 minute away awesome lake and Buzz … do we realy need to look further …*looks at Comfy with doleful eyes*

    1. tsk poor are caught between two blogs.. Now what do I say here after what you said about ‘wanting to be first’ on Revs blog?? 😛 😛

      Come on over doleful eyes required 😀

  2. Comfy, you are so lucky to have a lovely place like this for chilling out at evenings 🙂

    You won’t find such a place in mumbai chirag leke dhundhoge tab bhi nahi!

    It is so peaceful!

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