Travel Thursday – Deception Pass

We were around the area and were looking for a place to visit which was not too far, for a short trip. Something which was not too hectic. Where we could relax, spend a couple of hours, before we headed back. Had heard a few friends talk about Deception Pass and it seemed to meet our criteria so that is the direction the car was turned. We spend a couple of hours lazing around the beach, playing in the sand, cooking Maggie on the camping stove, eating to the sound of the waves crashing. Close to sunset we left the beach, drove and parked the car just beyond the Deception Bridge and walked on it, looking down.

The complicated trusses and beams that make up any bridge are an engineering marvel that always inspire awe, especially since at one time I dreamt of becoming a bridge construction engineer (thankfully some dreams die young). So I spend a lot of time trying to capture the bridge in front of me, but we were too high up and were not too keen on hiking down too much (we had hiked a little bit), so I had to be satisfied with a picture that captured the bridge in parts.

The bridge

The beach was almost empty for the time of the day. When you are on it, you see a bit of it and enjoy it. But it looks so very different and somehow much more captivating when being watched from far. Long, endless stretch of sand and water.

The Beach

Boats zooming through to make their last stretch back home and how small they look when watched from above, in relative comparison to the wide vista in front of our eyes. And the jet stream left behind by them is an amazing sight to behold.

Looking down

But as always it nature that captures you like no other. The fast flowing water and the swirling eddies in it, can make anyone looking at them for too long dizzy, just like I was. Looking at them you realize how fragile life is. One slip of leg, if you fall into one of those, life is at its end, no matter how expert a swimmer one is.


The setting sun on the pass, with the various shades of clouds and water and how everything changed with the setting sun. The awe one feels watching it all.


The effect of the flowing water with its various eddies and the path illuminated by the sun. Breathtaking.

Path of light

24 thoughts on “Travel Thursday – Deception Pass

  1. I like the name of the place – Deception Place. Has an alluring/mysterious ring to it 🙂

    The photos, the travel tale – awesome as always. Me likes the Eddy pic especially.

  2. Now I like the boat in second pic here than one in the WW. This one looks even more gorgeous with the complete view. and the name of the place is quite nice. Sounds like a movie name.

  3. I loved “looking down” and “path of light ” the most….Anyways all the pics are tooooo beautiful…Nature has so much in store for you…. 🙂 🙂

  4. i loved its serenity…. Each photograph is breathtakingly beautiful…if you continue to post like this..then I wud fall short of my adjectives….

    Discovery channel shud hire you now 🙂

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