The sound of.. contagious. You can’t help but smile when you hear someone laugh out loud.

But there is no better sound than a house ringing with a child’s laughter. The sound heard from any room in the house one is in. You can picture the kind of mischief is going on to induce the gurgle of laughs over and over again. And no matter what you do a smile does come to your face.

Then when your day is not going that great..all you have to do is close your eyes..picture those laughing eyes..those bunny teeth opened when the laughs come. The laugh rings in your mind and everything is just all right with the world.


38 thoughts on “The sound of..

  1. Beautiful message and a wonderful thought 😀 😀
    When the naughtiness and giggles are from someone as cute as buzz, it is double fun added to a cackle’s charm 😀 😀

  2. very true.. its contagious and addictive, there have been times in the past, where this laughter wouldn’t come too frequent and i have resorted to tickling chotu, or doing something that will set off the laughter.. bliss bliss bliss this is..

  3. Oh I brought that wide grin on my face with this post and will stay throughout the day no matter what 🙂
    Thanks Comfy and muah to Buzz baby 🙂

  4. OMG the blog world is filled with daughters’ love for Mammas and Mammas’ love for daughters 🙂 🙂 🙂
    you are one completely hopelessly smitten mum, are’nt you? 😀
    can’t blame you, I haven’t seen her giggling, yet your post has me smitten 😀
    Love these posts full of ‘Buzziness’ – yes thats a word now, a superlative of ‘super cute’ 😛

  5. You made me a bit moist eyed .. remebering my princess (neice) … i am addicted to her laughter 🙂 … I am sure Buzzie’s laughter is the sweetest thing to a lot of lucky ears 😀 .. loads of love .. may the laughter always wrap your home in love and losses both 🙂

  6. Kids laughter eases off the pain so easily…..:) :)..Hugs n hugs for Buzzy pie

    Hmphh I am really lagging behind in reading the posts and sharing my views….

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