Note to self

The day you are not feeling particularly good about yourself..the way you look, the way your clothes fits you..send D to drop/pick up Buzz.

Looking a good looking, well turned out, awesomely dressed women is not a way to make your day better. Let him take in all the beauty and save yourself the trauma of staring at your worn out jeans and do the mental comparison that you know you should not be doing in the first place.

Why do we do the comparison on the day our self esteem is at its lowest, while we breeze through it all when we are confident and happy?


62 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. oh this happens to me often these days…that I’m bloating,that I don’t look good,that I’m becoming lazy..blah blah…

    so these are the dayz..and we gotta live with them but not take them to our heart…hai na ?

    Relax..let this moment go and cheer up quickly 🙂 Love you !!

    1. I did.. In about an hour.. I dropped Buzz..came to work..everyone around me are in the same boat as I..worn jeans..crumpled t-shirt.. what a pick me up I tell you 😀 😀

  2. Totally understand the situation Comfy! It is always the bad days when we tend to do all the self analysis! Because on the good days, we are floating around basking in all the nice things being said 😀

  3. I like your question. But as a fact, I often look at some people and thank the stars for not looking/being like them. I do it so often, and I realised it only now.

    Right from..
    a woman dressed in pink skirt, pink shirt, pink footwear, pink handbag and complete with bright pink earrings, I am glad I am not her for that dreadful dressing sense…

    to the two girls at the bus stop who communicate in sign language as I merrily talk to Hero over the phone, I thank my stars that I can talk.

    We have to keep in mind that we are blessed, always. No matter how much or how less..

    Take care.

    1. I do a lot of that too Rani.. but Buzz’s daycare is in the downtown where all the corporate offices people are dressed up in formals trousers, pencil skirts, stockings, heels..and there I was in my run down jean, a t-shirt which was not ironed and dirty sneakers.. and as I said in the post was not feeling too good about myself to begin with..

      Then I came to work..saw everyone dressed just as I am..thanked that I don’t have to worry about ironing my clothes everyday and not have to polish my shoes everyday..started to feel so much better 😀

    1. U hv the answer too, when we r confident and happy from within, such things just cannot bother us.

      U r a beautiful person Comfy .. don’t worry … be happy 🙂
      Loadsss of hugs 🙂

  4. Go out ,take a nature walk, deeply breathe in the aroma of fresh flowers ,look into the mirror and say I am the best….
    n see how it works

    A jaadu ki jhappi from my side…… 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Sigh, I do the comparison even when I’m confident and happy which just sends me right back to the self esteem down in the dumps situation all over again. I know, I’m totally hopeless.
    In the meantime, why not try some bad television to cheer yourself up? Always works for me!

  6. Wow! that’s a gorgeous header Comfy 😀
    I have been there, done that countless times (I guess many of us would have).
    Don’t worry dear, you are a very sweet person, don’t let a mood swing ruin your day, have break grab a chocolate or a yummy cup-cake and in no time work will make you forget all worries 🙂

    Loads of hugs 😀 😀

  7. I look just awesome Comfy no matter what. If someday disagrees send them to me; I will handle them. 😀

    so you say those who compare all the time are in chullu bhar confidence all the time ? 😛 😆

    Cheers Babe. You rock !

    and the header is so gorgeous !

    1. Ofcourse you do Misty..I so love you and your confidence..

      I can’t say for everyone, but if I were the one constantly confidence would be in chullu bhar paani.. 😛 😛

      1. Sheesh I was sleepy I guess. I did not mean to be narcissist here. The comment meant
        ” You look just awesome Comfy; no matter what ! ”
        Sorry. Old age you know na ? 😀

        1. 😆 But Misty I loved that comment the way it was written the first time around.. 😀

          And you and old..naa..did you not say you were 21 and will stay there for a long time to come 😀 😀

  8. Your self esteem would have risen if you saw me today 🙂 I am working from home and didnt bother to change or brush my hair to go drop off R, I looked like something the cat dragged in, in front of all the other yummy Mummys :))

    Sing at the top of your voice – I am beautiful by Christina Aguilera, always makes me feel better :)) Hugs dear!

  9. Had to be.

    All the girls offer you kind consoling words. 🙂

    And me the guy, all I can do is tell you buy cheap jeans from Costco! 😉

    Hey, don’t give me the look, I’m bald! 😛

    😀 😀 😀

  10. When our mood is low, our worldview tends to be negative. It’s a vicious cycle…starts off with negative thoughts, resulting in low mood, leading to more negative thoughts about ourselves and the world around, putting ourselves down a lot more, comparing ourselves negatively to others, and of course, feeling a lot worse. Like I said, vicious cycle it is. And yes, sometimes sending D could be a good idea. Or nipping the cycle somewhere could be another option. We all go through it though….and me especially during ‘that time of the month’ 😛

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