She did what??

Buzz is playing in a corner after her customary greeting for D when he comes home. So it is my turn to claim and greet my husband. I give him a hug and right that moment Buzz looks up..stops all the play and stares at us. Not look..big eyes ‘What you doing’.

D the prankster he is, starts walking me backwards, so I am not visible to her..and walks me up the stairs around the bend.

About 30 secs of absolute silence..then we hear Buzz screaming..not crying..random loud babbling..and she seems to be coming closer..

Suddenly the voice starts to fade as if she is going is taking her too long to get to the stairs..curiosity gets the better of us and we come back down.

We find her coming running to us..with a magazine, that D had been reading the day before which was on the couch, in her hand. She promptly hands that to him and comes running to me and clings to my legs.

Since then we have been debating, was she really thinking and doing what we think she was doing? Handing D a thing of interest for him so that she could claim her Maa back? We can’t be sure. It can’t be. She is too young to think and do a thing like that, isn’t it. So we debate. But what do you guys think? Is there another explanation?


66 thoughts on “She did what??

  1. 😆 I’ve been waiting for this moment. Most kids I know, do this. I should tell you a similar story, but will do that on chat.

    @Maa and Paa: Superlative hanky-panky sessions going on eh? 😉 Get a room, you two!

  2. Understanding what will divert Paa’s focus so that she can get Maa all for herself – Go Buzz…I think she did exactly what you think she did. WOW, she is so shrewd 🙂 I’m so proud of her for being so observant.

    Many many kisses to Buzz 🙂

  3. Actually thats the funniest and cutest thing I have heard about a kid in quiet a while…Buzz is awesome.. 😀

  4. I love how focused she is, she’s got that “solution seeker” attitude from you Comfy.

    She knows it exactly how to tell-show-do-get all she wants in literal baby steps 😀 😀

    I would’ve guessed it on the same lines as you guys did 🙂

    Buzz is a smart,cute little fairy 🙂

    Love to buzz 😀 😀

  5. beautiful header comfy !!! Looking very pretty !

    I think Buzz did just that…distract papa so that she can be with you 🙂 And I think she can do that she is already like mausis here 🙂

    But cute was that 🙂 I repeat Reva’s sentence here…get a room ma and pa 😛

  6. Pretty much seems to me she wants her Ma just to herself.

    Do show her this post when she’s getting ready for her sweet sixteen birthday bash, which by that time would have been aptly named sexy sixteen.


  7. kids do that.. they can be so possessive at this stage, that any touching, holding hands, can trigger them off. it goes off after some months . but her reaction to bring the mag was so cute. buzzy, ur adorable..

  8. Lol, get a room :D.. agree with Nu and revs ..

    Kids are smart, they know exactly what they want and how to get it 🙂

    Smart Buzzie 😀

    1. So, she leaves Papa to the magazine and wants Mama .. aww sweet. Bcoz I thought dawters r always partial towards their Dad .. some silver lining there 😛

  9. aaah 🙂
    isn’t she soooooper smart??? + sooooooper doooooper cute???? 😀
    as opposed to others, don’t get a room for just hugs guys… its very healthy that she sees it 😛
    I am amused that although D came in just then and you were there all the time, YOU were in demand still, not D!
    I am eager to see what she does when D and her are in the house, you enter, she greets you and then D hugs you 😀
    Pls stage that for me will you? 😉

        1. Revs saw and she LOVED it! Finally 😀 Now you better remind Buzz to email me tonight okay? Exam is at 4.30pm GMT tomorrow. Evening exam 😀

          1. Phew..glad you liked it..I have been waiting and waiting to see if you did..

            Buzz need to remind her.. Do well and we will see you on the other side.. 🙂

      1. does it all the time, for as long as i can remember, only he isnt half as diplomatic / thoughtful like Buzz, he is our in house moral police, if he ever chances the husb and i talking, he will magically appear from where ever he was and take his dad away!

  10. Awww..kiddddo i tell u…. I sumtimes wondr comfy what goes on in their little minds haan??? BTW, loved ur header 🙂 its beautiful

  11. Let me recall and write it again…

    I came ,I read ,I went..again I came ,I read ,I went…
    was scratching my head ..Is Buzzy pie still a kiddo??

    So Momma-is-mine –fight is on…

    Actually all kids have the copyright for their Momma’s

    Happy Mother’s Day…

  12. Don’t u get in mama…Buzzzie pie soooo doesn’t want a sibling yet 😛

    Lol…She is so smart comfy !!! Really i dont think u are overimaging it…Too cute…!!! Try it again and see what she picks up this time around to interest D

  13. I can tell you what you are thinking is abs correct.My lil gal stares,screams,brings in on his mobile when we have some scenario like this,and baby newsletters what i recieve very much tell that how keen they are in observing parent’s movements,so time for us to be careful.

  14. me likes the header too!

    Something tells me Buzz must be thinking something like this :

    “Did maa and paa get that I did it on purpose, or are they STILL debating if it was accidental?

    okay.. let me chk. maa’s blog, she’s bound to have posted something there…If only I had a wordpress account. Gah!”


  15. Haha! I am dead sure that the whole thing was exactly what you thought, her attempt at claiming her Ma back, by handing over something of interest to Pa! Too cute! 😀

  16. Haha how cute! R is our big kabab mein haddi too, ever since she was a toddler, she runs over and pushes my husband away when we hug. She cant even stand him sitting next to me on the sofa…Kids are very possessive of their Mommies….

  17. Awww…thats cute… You know what, theis possessiveness factor is specially strong in Daughters. Whenever me and Hubby hug and E’s looking, either we involve him in a group hug or he joins in himself. I have yet to see the possessiveness in him…though only time will tell if it is specific to girls or both

  18. I believe that thats exactly what she was doing. Kids are too smart and they know when to implement what they know/learn from us 😉 Very SMART!

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