Laughs for the day

Buzz gets up for the day. Brought to our bed from her crib (sleepy parents still want to snooze for a bit). Paa gets her Sippy-cup full of milk so that she can drink (keep quite) while parents snooze. Hands it over to her. She starts crying. Hands the Sippy-cup to Maa. Maa hands it back to her. She smiles and starts drinking.

Moral of the story: Morning milk to be given to her by Maa..


Maa and Paa are sitting on the couch, while Buzz is running around..playing. Time to head to work/daycare.

Maa: Chalo Buzz chalein. (Let’s go)

Buzz: Dashes to the door and picks up her shoe.

Maa, Paa: In splits, laughing like crazy

Buzz: Looks up, sees no one has followed..starts screaming, all the while pointing to the door.

Moral of the story: She understands what is being said, so say ‘Let’s go’ only when you are really ready to leave.


Paa is sitting on the couch eating bread with Tea. Buzz wants to eat too. So Paa gives her a real small piece to eat. As soon as the bread goes in her mouth she cleans her hands by hitting her hands together, just like Paa was doing not a minute back.

Moral of the story: She is copying everything these days. Be careful what is being done.


Buzz is running without looking where she is going. Falls. Hard. Starts crying.

Maa goes and picks her up and starts to divert her attention. Once Buzz is almost quite

Maa: Buzz high-five

Buzz: Naaein Naaein (all the while shaking her head vehemently) and starts to cry again.

Moral of the story: She has learned how to say No and cannot be distracted that easily anymore.


Maa and Paa need to stop laughing at what she does but it is all so spontaneous, that they can’t help but laugh.


46 thoughts on “Laughs for the day

          1. aunty banne se the bacchus will be shooed away in the ‘adult’ conversation on the chains 😉 that’s the whole idea !!

  1. ruthless Maa and Paa laughing at her all the time 😛

    wait till you guys accidentally drop something or trip or fall…

    see who has the last laugh then, with all the copy cat cuteness going on 😛 😀

      1. Agree with CR – mean Maa and Paa…Buzzie pie…do what auntie CR tells u!!!

        Covers Buzz’s ears– Comfy if i were u – i would keep saying “Buzz Chalein” to see her dashing to the door…So Cutteee!!!

  2. Lol! Hilarious and loved all the morals of the stories… kids pick up things so quickly don’t they? Be careful no one swears in the house…have seen so many little ones drop the f-bomb without knowing what it means. And it takes so much effort not to laugh! 😀

    1. We don’t swear at home I am hoping she does not pick that up anytime.

      But a friend’s daughter picked up..what the.. from TV. She did not know what came after that since that is either beeped out or muted on TV..but it was so funny to hear her say ..What the.. at the perfect place 😀 😀

  3. Cho cute Buzz is.. Loved reading abt all her antics..

    we really have gotta be careful about what we say/do around kids! Phew! it is so scary when the pick up the wrong stuff (speaking from personal experience).

  4. Maa and Paa…listen here…we all are ganging up here to take buzzi’s side…so brace yourself up and stop laughing at the angel right away !!! *warning*

    As comfy’s friend: I loved the way you’ve expressed all the incidents…I could-as always-imagine buzz doing all those things 🙂 She certainly makes you laugh..that’s why babies are bundle of joy !!! tremendous joy which spreads across countries and reaches me here 🙂

  5. She is a cute little bundle of joy..she has so many fun surprises in store for you….Hope it is a never ending process…

    Lots of hugs

  6. gi, here for the 1st time. lovely blog u have there. n buzz is such a darling. her actions are all so cute. yes, they do copy each n evrything. so gotta be really careful. 🙂

  7. Buzz stories are as cute as the fairy tales, that’s why is say, she’s a little fairy in training 😀 😀 😀

    Loved the way she dislikes when you try to fool her 🙂

    Have fun 😀 😀

  8. no,no, maa and paa need to keep laughing and sharing anecdotes with us! nothing is a better stress buster than watching kids and their antics.. makes u forget the world and all its problems!

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