Positive spin

on the glass of the coffee table that I broke by mistake?

Buzz scrambles in, stands inside and laughs all the time she is in there, running around in circles rectangles. Dancing on the wood platform, jumping on the same, banging on the wood sides all happen.

Added bonus: She has not figured out how to come out. So I get to run errands around the kitchen that she does not let me do otherwise :mrgreen:


36 thoughts on “Positive spin

      1. I guess I have forgotten to tell you so far… but i absolutely love your dp… !

        the hands and the bracelet both look beautiful !

  1. i totally love this stage Comfy, when they get “in” to something and do not how to get out of, those snatched time pockets to get our work done! ahh bliss!

  2. you know the fun of writing a blog is making people like me wonder, how does she come with such simple posts which make me smile..

    you know i am seriously glad Ramit led me to your blog

  3. and oh all this while i was thinkin why havent you been writing…my mistake,i hadnt blog rolled…done now..buzz ko aur kya kya aata hai..now that she knows cow “oooo” kartein hain:)

  4. han thode dino mein she will realise your trick..shez our darling….and she is smart 😛 so you better be ready for something else mommy 😛

  5. O my God ..I am late …She has found the trick to come out of that rectangle also…She is so quick…
    You must be having a lot of fun Comfy…Enjoy …
    Give a pat on her back from my side for figuring out the way of her release…

    Loads of hugs

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