In Buzz's world..

..every bird is a Duk (Duck)

..every demand is conveyed by saying Mummaa, what actually is required is for Maa or Paa to interpret

..every and anything rectangular is the phone and is held next to the ear and Hiiiii said

..every water body is meant for splashing in, what if it is the toilet pot

..every sweater that Maa owns has to be thrown on the floor..not Paa’s only Maa’ matter how many times Maa folds them up and keeps them in the shelf

..every body part is the one that has been pointed to the first time. So ear is pointed to correctly when asked but any subsequent..nose, mouth, head, eyes..finger goes to the ear. First one always wins

..every wire plugged in to the power outlet has to be pulled out the minute they are spotted

..every hurt can be soothed by come crying to Maa


92 thoughts on “In Buzz's world..

  1. Awwww. You are in your element when it comes to Buzzie posts Comfy. Anyone who reads these can imagine her doing all this.

    Buzzie my dear, stay away from the plug points will you? Do anything else please, not the plug points.

  2. Reminds me of the time when , for chotu, all birds were either pelicans/flamingos (after effects of visit to the bird park)..

    Loved the last one!

    1. Aunties, stay away. You guys are from a different generation altogether 😛 Buzz likes her Akka the best. So shhoooooo!

        1. All ye people with your muskel power. I’ve lards and lards of fat. I will just have to push you all down in pre-school kids’ style and roll over all of you in one go. I’ll win then!! Mind itttttttt! *gives a typical taml cinema villain stare*

          Anything for Buzz!

            1. NuNa: I’m soooo fat that I just have to sigh and you will go flying backwards with that force. You really want to compete with me?

              PS: I wont even try lifting my leg, its too heavy 😀

        1. NuNa(Hie! I like this name for Nuttie Natters) : Kids love cats, so I’ll be a copy-cat 😀 Yaaayyyy! +1 for me and -1 for you *does a dan-da-nakkkaaaaa dance*

          And I choose to ignore the fellow copy-cat 😛

                  1. But do I get to play the Bhai role in Tamil style? I will wear a bright red shirt and a lungi. I will smoke beedis and also wear chunky gold chains. Oh for a change, can I have Italians for arm-candy please 😉 Their costume or the lack of it is negotiable 😛

                  1. Yes Rev – u are my bhai too…like i said i bow before thy greatness…oh lill calvin…

                    Bluemist – i dont think i can ever read Rev’s posts or comments without visualizing Calvin now…!

                    Nawty Nawty Revs!

            1. *blush* Girls girls, I’m blushing so much that Asian paints guys want to name a deep shade of red as ‘Revs blush’.

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