It’s all about M

After D got all upset and threw a fit when Buzz went up to him as called him Mummaa, I started paying attention to what she has been saying.

The result of the analysis is out and most of everything she says starts with the letter ‘M’. ‘Papa’ that she used to say very easily has stopped and has been very conveniently changed to Mammaa (remember the fit I was talking about above?). ‘Yum’ has become ‘mum’. Anything  that is wanted is pointed to and ‘Mmmm’ follows.

To top it all off the best association she has made goes as follows:

In daycare they are made to sit down in their little chairs in front of their little table and little bowls with food are placed on the table. Once they get done eating (throwing) the food in the bowl, they get to ask for more by saying ‘More’ and signing ‘Please’. And then more food is given to them. So now Miss Buzz, who is having her first brush with the language English, thinks More = Food. And can be heard all over the house saying ‘Moe’ ‘Moe’ when hungry. Oh and this is not only while she is awake. She can be heard mumbling ‘Moe’ in her sleep in the middle of the night (and whoever says 4:00 A.M. is not middle of the night gets to come over and take over the night duty), just before she gets up for milk. And the crescendo of ‘Moe’ and the frequency with which it is spoken goes up till the Sippy-Cup is handed over to her.

So everything starts with M these days..except, except when you ask her:

Buzz cow kaise karti hei? (What does Cow do?)

Pat comes the reply



30 thoughts on “It’s all about M

  1. He he, I already know ALL of this, don’t I Comfy? 😀 You told me all this over chat.

    *walks away with her nose high up in the air that the rain-Gods can actually pour the rain straight into my rather large nostrils*

  2. D has all the reasons to get upset. 😀
    Today I happen to catch a glance at day care. Bunch of cute kids wearing uniform appron playing around. Some with toy train; some with cycle, some trying to kick the ball. Very fun view. I stopped for a while and watched them with a full grin on my face. 😀 😀

  3. Loved the way you added that last question 😀 😀
    Buzz is a cutie little fairy, I guess when I was her age, I too co-related things the way she does 😀 😀

    So you are having a total “M&M” time with her 😉 😉

    It’s just a phase, it’ll be gone before you’ll get time to worry about it.

    How’s her eating going? Has “more please” (I mean eating at childcare) helped her in getting interested in foods besides yogurt?

      1. hehe it sure is our language..ours=me,buzzie pie,divi and reva 🙂

        You better learn this language soon or you’ll be left out 🙂

        1. Err..I have enough of this language at home..but I can bet that Buzz will be off to some other language real soon and you guys will be stuck with this one 😛 😛 and me being me I will change with time 👿 😛 😛

  4. Aww More = Food….Wow !! Has she started eating other food apart from curd….If yes..then its a good news…Congrats

    Mee moo moves MUZZ….(Bitten by m-bug)

  5. how sweet 🙂 you enjoy your M moments comfy; I’m sure she will get out of it sometime and then it will all be about P and Paa after that 😀

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