Wordless Wednesday – XIX


68 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – XIX

      1. 🙂 🙂 Ladak hs been on our must-visit list for soooo long .. but the list is sooo long tooo, that pick n choose so difficult 😛 Some day 😉

  1. Loved the gray stone pile against those light brown mountains.
    The first combination of a small stone balanced over a tall one looks like a monkey or some similar animal gazing at the water body (check it out in the enlarged view)

    Presence of so many flat pieces at a site sounds pretty interesting 😀 😀

    Waiting for the travel tale 🙂

    Cool shot Comfy!!

  2. this reminded me of the game where there are two teams and you build the stone castle and break it with the ball..we used to call it ‘seven times’ 🙂

    the right corner stone remind me of SID from ICE AGE 🙂

    loouuuvely pic 🙂

    1. I just scrolled up and read the other comments…and mine is not different than the game name 🙂 I’m glad we all played and liked that game !! YAY

      1. heheh other games we these Hindi names like ‘kabbadi’, ‘gend tadi’ and ‘sikdi’ [the one which played by drawing boxes on the ground ]..see so many Hindi names 🙂

        And yes me back temporarily…no body loves me here 😦 no one asked me where was I hiding 😦 whether all was well with me 😦 katti katti katti with you, T, Divi and Revs too 😦

        1. You forgot KhoKho, staappu (Sikdi in your terms??), chupan chupaai.. 😀 Aahh good times 🙂

          I love you..I just assumed you were on a vacation. You said a while back that you would be. Sorry my bad.. Don’t be mad please 😦

          1. oh yes Kho-Kho…I was almost counted into champions in school for this game 🙂 wow..really fun times !! wanna go back to these again 😦

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