I woke up somewhere in the middle of the night..time unknown..reason unknown. Once over my total disorientation of  waking up, became aware of the sound of two deep breaths of slumber around me.. I touched no one..though I could if all I did was stretch my hand in either direction. The sense of sound so heightened (to make up for diminished sense of sight ❓ ). The feeling so overwhelming with its love, enveloped me like a warm secure blanket, that I want to hold on to it for a lifetime and beyond.

The only constant in life is change. And there are changes aplenty in store for us..some I can foresee..most not. Changes are already coming. Rediscovered the familiar touch that had been missing, without me realizing that I was missing it or just how much I was missing it. Will miss the physical proximity of another, even when it is only a few feet away. The new surroundings..the new place for everything..the sense of wonder..the trepidation..the uncertainty. Changes some I have control over..some I can/will prepare for..some which will take me by surprise.

But in that moment..that night..when nothing moved..everything just the way it should, I soaked in the peace that comes from being surrounded by the two people who mean the world to me.


40 thoughts on “Surrounded

  1. You are such a nice person comfy and you deserve that peace 🙂 And heres me wishing that you sail through all the changes that life brings with it, with the same peace of mind. Muah

      1. m gonna third tht 😛 …if thts a word…!!! errrr

        ok ok i’m gonna second wot revs sayzz too 🙂

        tht was an amazing read 🙂

  2. how very true Comfy! some little things like these have such a profound effect on us.. makes us realise that all is well with the world and that tomorrow is just another day!

    lovely writing!

  3. How very sweet Comfy 🙂

    I know what you mean…can’t say anything more..may God bless you and keep you surrounded with the same love…always 🙂

      1. Yaa dear…the temporary disorientation makes you realise a lot of things that you don’t see and feel in broad daylight…nothing in the world matters more then 😀

  4. okay, D, Nam and Buzz please stand in a circle.

    We, readers, bring our pots with salt and chilli.

    Buzz looks at us in horror. What sort of a ceremony is this?, she seems to ask.

    The evil eye is warded off 🙂

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