Do you see what I see

I have found a new time pass when on the road. The old one still stays, but the new one keeps makes me laugh as I get to use my creative eye to see things
Things actually started with ‘The Beetle’ and it is named thus and called a bug because of well its shape.
On a side note: I used to always call it Daddo (Frog) car as a child when I did not know names of cars. 
But, coming back to the post, there is something oh so funny in looking at cars from the front. It is amazing how same and at the same time how different each car is from the front. So here I am trying to give them names the way I see them.
Ms. Flirt 
The Miss Happy 🙂 
The Mr. Grin 😀
The Sad 😐  
Mr. Oink (Pig) 
The Growl 
The Muzzled dog 
The blinged out smile 
 The Snoot
The two tooth grinning Dog 
The Perplexed 

The Shark

Tell me if you see the same thing, or something totally different, or that I am seeing things. Would love to hear what all of you think. So go on..tell me..tell me.

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40 thoughts on “Do you see what I see

  1. Wow! I too have been nodding my head all the way along your post for I too always saw them this way. I guess for me too it started with a Volkswagen 🙂

    I see faces even in buses and trucks, they look like more human faces to me than the cars 😀 😀

  2. My my…what imagination!! 😀 😛

    I always found the shapes of cars more fascinating… and I always compared the big SUV types with shapeless aunties in our neighbourhood 😀 😀

  3. WOW…WOW WOW..i love the shark ….looks so sleeek!! I am a huge fanatic of sleek carz…and cant see nething else 😉

    BTW, ur perception is pretty interesting..i do see wht u see 🙂

  4. ah, you know those moments when someone describes stuff in a different way and from then on, you’re not able to see it any other way?

    This is one of them! Went and peeked to see what my dad’s car is doing. It looks constipated 😀

    awesome imagination! Loved Sad and Oink 🙂

  5. Hey .. must say u have some imagination dere .. never could have thought abt car bumpers can actually be compared to expressions … 😀

    though i love cars nd am surrounded by em all day .. n no iam not an automobiles mechanic ..LOL !!

    great post ..


  6. yeh yeh I totally see what you see 🙂 I do that with bikes. Not come up with smart names like you, but always feel that the side mirrors are the ears and the shield in the front is the face and so on 🙂
    So I am not the only crazy person 😛

  7. AT LAST! Someone who thinks like me…I’m glad I’m not actually a ‘nut’..

    Hehehe..wonderful imagination. And of course, when I was a kid, I always looked at the front grill of cars and thought they were different expressions and not just metal artwork.

    Ambassador – always smiling, till the later frowning ones came along.

    Buses – always poker-faced!

    Autorickshaws – having paan (or some food) stuffed in their bulged faces..hehehe

    It’s endless. But your post took me back to my childhood days.

    (pssst, I still look at cars and smile at them)

    1. I do at them that is. This is the first time I have told anyone of what I see though.. was always worried that people would call me Crazy.

      Glad to have some company 🙂

      PS: Love your name and thank you for stopping by 🙂

  8. Lol..comfy…i used to play this game while on long rides as a kid…trucks used to have smiling faces or angry faces…of course u are more sophisticated with the Oink and the flirt…love the oink and flirt btw…i think i am going to be classifying cars all day

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