Hey People,

I need help, really do. Maa is being bad and Paa is taking her side. Even applauding her, so I thought I will come to all of you for suggestions.

Here is the deal. I Dahi/Yogurt/Curd..whatever you want to call it. And that is all I want to eat. But mean Maa wants to feed me ‘something substantial’ as she puts it. But I am smart, so every time she brings rice or roti in front of me, I refuse to open my mouth and even shake my head as if moving to some groovy rhythm, but if it is dahi I open my mouth wide (I can tell from the smell you see). Sneak that Maa is, she mashes the food in my dahi and starts feeding me. I figure it out after a while and stop eating all together, even though Dahi I want and look at the bowl longingly. No matter what Maa does after that, I refuse to eat. I want Dahi and dahi only.

Now Maa has gone and changed her strategy all over again. She does not mix all the food in the dahi anymore. Rather she gives me a couple of spoons of dahi and randomly mixes some food in a spoon once in a while. So now I can’t predict if I am getting food and dahi or just plain dahi. Did I tell you I LOVE dahi? So I have to open my mouth every time. Could be plain dahi no?

So help. Someone tell me how to thaw Maa. I am not liking this new trick of hers. Ideas anyone?

Looking at you with big innocent eyes.


60 thoughts on “Cheater

  1. aaaw Buzz my sympathies with you.. Hope Maa starts giving you more dahi 🙂 although there are new foods out there which you have to taste and love!

  2. aww my sweet little darling…i would love to help you and would love to feed you dahi all the time, but I’m taking Maa’s side on this…all for your good, ok? You will still get enough dahi from me, but only if you eat the rest of the stuff without making a lot of fuss 🙂 deal?

  3. Simple sweetheart. Spit out everytime the very second you realize that there is something else mixed with the dahi. And if she continues feeding you that, spit it out with a LOT OF FORCE. She’s got to give up at some stage and just give you the dahi because otherwise you’ll be starving *hi-five*

    *wipes off that naughty grin from the face and comes over to talk to Comfy*

    Comfy, will she eat those flavoured yoghurts? With fruits and all that. Else you can mix veggie puree with her yoghurt and give her?

    *runs away before Buzz sees me*

    1. Revs Akka..Maa says I can starve and then I will eat something when I am hungry 😦

      Revs, I don’t give her store bought yoghurt since they have a lot of sugar and canned fruit. I crush and mix fruit in the yoghurt that I make at home and she eats all of that. But I don’t want to give her too much pureed food. She needs to get use to various taste and texture. Working on it 🙂

  4. Buzz my love, this Doli and Titaxy aunties are being mean. You just come with Akka(me me me!) and we’ll hog on Dahi all the time 😀

      1. as much as i hate it, Buzzu, if you wanna grow up strong and active like Paa, climbing mountains, jumping off places, or smart and pretty looking like Maa with her awesome skin and hair, you might have to eat the stuff she sneaks in dahi no?

        if you dont want to be all that, sure, eat just dahi 😀
        the choice is yours – you are a big girl now 😉

  5. I am going to hold back my comment on actual topic as I can see the comment section is going to be more fun. 😛 😀 😀

    @ Buzz Pie
    Foo Foo works well with mouth full dahi. Just give it shot. 😉 😀 😀

    ** runs before comfy comes with belan in her hand **

  6. @ Comfy: Wow! no matter how much I wish to be on your side Comfy but I have to back buzzu for I too am crazy about yogurt 😀 😀

    @ Buzz: welcome to the “mad for yogurt” gang little fairy 😀 :
    Try the tricks I loved doing when I was your age and something which mum shall love too 🙂

    Start with banana in sweet yogurt and gradually get all the colorful fruits in the slightly sweet yogurt and go licking till you are all done with it 🙂

    See mum is a genius for she crafts new sneaky tricks, but worry not little princess we are cute and clever. Simply give her your cutest look with rolling eyes each time she gives you yogurt and she’ll be forced to give you more of it just for the charm of getting to see your cute little tricks 😀 😀

  7. Hey Buzz, get used to it. All mom’s are cheaters. They swindle you all the time to get their way! So beware. Now coming to the situation you are in right now, how about giving really, i mean REALLY cute smiles every time she gives a spoon of yogurt and making a REALLY REALLY sorry face every time that thing called food comes is fed. 🙂 It might just work you know, let me know 🙂

  8. Awww…poor baby…heartless Mom doesn’t even think twice before ‘cheating’ her into eating ‘substantial’ stuff! 😦 😦

    But know what sweetie…Mom’s not wrong completely (how I wish she was!)…why not take alternate spoonfuls of rice or fruit or whatever she gives you and yoghurt?? 😉 Then both of you will be happy! 😀

      1. She would darling :)…trust me for having to devise all sorts of ‘trick’ ways to get food down my son’s throat.. afterall we have the upper hand! Atleast for as long as we can exercise this ‘force’ on them, we should! 😉 😀

          1. Ok…there’s this doggy toy he has and if I say I’ll feed the toy instead of him…he obliges 🙂

            I tried giving spoonfuls to A…out of jealousy A Junior wanted the same thing 😉

            He likes tomatoes a lot…so I mixed it with daliya…or rice..or whatever I’m giving him…and thankfully he started eating it 🙂

            Let her play around with anything…distract her and then feed her 😀

            Try try try till you succeed!!! 😀 😀 😉

  9. awwiee buzz dear… when she feeds u… keep tht spoon in ur mouth …dont let tht spoon go…. maa will get fed up and say.. ok take here’s the dahi… then let tht spoon go and open ur mouth 😀

    agar fir bhi maa natak karegi…. come to me bachha… i’l give u dahi 🙂 muaah

  10. buzz sweetie be a gud gal and have some other food too… its good for health na… then only you will grow up to be strong and beautiful like mama.. 🙂

  11. buzz baby i really want to support u i really really do….but ur smart maa gets my vote…maybe u can humour her and eat and look at her with such an I am such a good lill Angel look that she is forced to give in to ur other demands!

  12. O my Buzzu…have a little bit of solid stuff too with your curd..Please don’t give those sweet dolly expressions of rejection …
    OR sign a curd treaty with your Mumma by having two times curd and one time some other solid food…
    Anyways No worries my little fairy Keep your flag of Curd hoisting..
    @Comfy **whispering** You keep on trying to bargain her with your new and innovative tricks …
    For one time let her be the winner and for other time you keep an upper hand…
    In both the cases you are going to be the winner Comfy…

    All smiles :)) :)) :))

  13. Buzz dear, hv a li’l of Maa gives in b/w so that she goes awwww over u and gives u more n more dahi 😉

    Psst psst, when u visit us know, I wil give u lotz of dahi 😛
    Tell her u r cutte and chweeet like Lord Krishna and we luv ur naughty self 😀

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