Travel Thursday – Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is unique because of its distinct rock formations. Sedimentary rocks have been eroded over time by ice, chemicals and air, leaving behind fractured, precariously hanging on red, orange, white rocks. As you drive up to the national park, right before the ‘Welcome to Bryce’ sign you are greeted by almost doorway like rock formations on both sides.

First look

And then when you actually get to the Park, you behold miles and miles of Hoodoos (the rock formation is names thus) for almost as far as the eye can see. The colors and the transition in their shades and the layers of sediment deposits will keep you spellbound. Another interesting thing I found was that from afar it seems like there is snow on the top of the Hoodoos but in fact that is part of the rock itself.


>Another formation which is seen is called the Grotto which is a similar shape carved out by nature over and over again. These door like formation in the case of Bryce covers this one complete wall of rock and is amazing to look at.


Most people do the rim drive around Bryce, but a hike along the Hoodoo is something I would definitely recommend. The walk down to the base is short and takes no more than 10 mins and once down the walk it flat and can be done at leisure. One gets a better perspective and sees many different distinctive shapes and shades of Hoodoos when looking up at then than looking down at them.

Wall street

Plus as you walk further along you get to see much more of the national park than you would standing at the top in one place and looking down. There are pathway/trails aplenty and ever so short distance you have trails heading up and out of the hoodoos that you can walk as little and as much as you like.

Looking up

One shape that intrigued me a lot and I name it so myself.. not sure if there is an official name for it is what I called ‘The Couple’ or ‘The Bride and the Groom’. There were fascinating to me and I wish we had more time that we could take a loop around them and watch them from the other side. Would have loved to see what they looked like from a different angle.

The couple

Another thing which a must do is watch the sun set around the canyon. The setting sun’s rays on the rocks is amazing to behold and as the sun moves further and further along and the shadows elongate the shapes the Hoodoos make against the dark sky are beauty in themselves.

The sun..The moon..Dusk

26 thoughts on “Travel Thursday – Bryce Canyon National Park

  1. I am going sound so stupid repeating the same thing every week…but what else can I say other than marvelous? It’s just amazing, Comfy. Loved the snaps and the narration, bits and pieces of info that you’ve provided. Too good! Would love to visit someday.

    1. Thank You T and am glad you like it.

      If you ever plan to visit Vegas, I would suggest you take a 3 hour drive and visit Zion National Park, send a day or two there and then drive another 2 hours and visit Bryce. Bryce generally will not take you more than a day to see and explore.

    1. The name is deceptive CB. It is called a canyon but is not really one. There is no sea or river close to Bryce. It is more of an amphitheater than a canyon. And all erosion is due to ice and chemicals.

      Am glad you liked it 🙂

  2. I like the last pic whr u have close to darkness engulfing the rock formations and then the blue sky above that…the rock formations seem like a dark outline in that pic…awesomeness!

  3. I’d read about sedimentary rocks in geography and found that boring…but gazing out at them is very very interesting! 🙂

    Nature has imparted such a flawless beauty to them…no human formation can ever even come near it. Especially the Grottos…they look like they’ve been chiseled to perfection! 😀

    Thanks Comfy dear…you click such awesome pics and then share them with us…senti dialogue maaru kya 😉

    ‘Its like seeing the world yet not visited by us, through your camera and blog’ 😛

  4. Amazingly beautiful Comfy….Exactly getting short of adjectives to describe the artistry and the magnificence of sedimentary rock formation….
    The pics and the description both of them are really really good…

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