The art of sitting

Buzz’s daycare is like a world for mini-people, with small table, chairs, couch, stairs, plates, bowls and so many other things. But then it is meant for mini-people. So anyways, Buzz started going to the Daycare and it suddenly it dawned on her that, one is not just suppose to plop anywhere one wants to. There are certain places where one is suppose to sit. And those place are just a little bit higher than the ground (remember those chairs and couch). And she also figured out that there is a way one sits in these higher places.

So now a scene from the Comfy house goes thus:

  • Buzz is busy playing and comes running. She sees something a little higher than the ground and precedes to sit on it. Only that the higher from the ground happens to be a blanket which happens to be a little raised. And the minute she sit down she is actually on the ground. Not that she cares. She is all smiles.
  • Buzz sees me sitting on the floor cross-legged and wants to sit on my lap. So she comes running, then just before she gets to me she stops, does this quick 180 degree turn, shakes her small tush as she lowers down to sit. Once all secure in my lap she turns her head around, looks at me and smiles. Then turns back again, wiggles till her back rests against me. Let the lounging begin.
  • Sometimes however the 180 degree turn goes a little further (we don’t have the precision down pat just yet) and she lands a little ways off my lap. Which has her looking all perplexed.
  • And then at other times the 180 goes as intended but the force with which she is coming down to sit, she bounces right off my lap and falls flat on her face. And this is the best sport for her and has her giggling endlessly.
  • But the simple fact is that a whole new world has opened up for her. She now tries to sit on various things, experimenting with what works and what does not. She is exploring, trying things out, and storing things for future reference. She has figured out that sitting on the toy car has to be slow else the wheels move and she falls down. She has figured out that she can hold on to the handle of the toy cycle, swing one of her legs around to sit with one leg on each side.

Little things, little learnings, lots of smiles, lots of memories.


36 thoughts on “The art of sitting

    1. Aww if only we remember hw to enjoy the sweet little joys of life as we grow up too 🙂
      Thatz so cute Comfy … and the best thing is that u related them so well and made a post out of them ..luved reading this one 🙂 the tush-shaking routine sounds so cute 😉

  1. 🙂 You do have a way with words. Anyone who reads this can so imagine her doing these things.

    But ofcourse, I have the extra clear image because well I’ve seen her laugh, run around, play, giggle and all that.

    Divz, T, Nu, are you girls listening? She laughed at me! She giggled at me! And no, you cant make me feel bad by telling me why she did all that 😀

      1. He he. Ok Swaram, next time I’ll add you as well to the list of girls. Divz, T, Nu and Swaram. Buhahahahahahahaaa

  2. And Comfy, enjoy this learning phase as much as you can. In no time, shes going to act all prim and propah and all lady-like where she will only be sticking 1.5 inches of her bum on a couch as she sits there with a glass of wine and all that 😛

  3. i can almost picture buzz in my head…i think u shud write a post about how buzz looks, so that those of u less fortunate than revs…can picture here too.

    U do the description bit real well comfy!

  4. Hope you are video capturing these things. So that she can relive her childhood when she becomes your friend and you both can giggle and poke each other and of course make fun of Dad. 😉 😀 😀

  5. Adorable! Happy childhood, happy memories.

    And I think this is the best part of blogging. It serves as a chest to hold on all our memories, to help us relish them later on.

  6. Oh my…it hasn’t been too long since I had my fill of these activities, by courtesy of A Junior ofcourse…and still I feel like it was so long ago……… 😦

    Yupp…shaking the tushy and following it backwards to your ‘sittable’ subject is just too funny to watch 🙂

    Other objects…the bolsters…the pillows…anything hard is immediately thrown away 🙂 We had brought a chair for him which made a ‘peee’ noise every time he got up from it and he still loves it a lot! 😀

    True…sweet moments which make up for priceless memories! 🙂

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