All made up

To ‘The lady in the Silver Maxima’,

I love to gaze upon a well-groomed, perfect makeup lady. I really do. I look on in admiration when I see one at work, the perfect applied whatever that make the eyes pop. I look on with wonder when I see one with everything perfect at 6:00 in the morning, the dedication and time spend that early is truly amazing. I am even impressed when I see perfect makeup while on the treadmill, I mean your makeup stays in place looking perfect while I am sweating profusely. I see the basket full of makeup supply in the gym restroom and ladies working on applying it diligently and can’t but help look on in amazement all the while stealthily trying to make out all the contents in the basket and trying to figure where they would be used. Yes I acknowledge that I don’t know the M of Makeup. And maybe that is the reason for my wonder when I see someone all made up to T, looking perfect.

That is why I don’t mind when I see girls working on this perfection sitting on the passenger side on the car. But lady, I do draw a line at anyone who is putting eyeshadow (at least that is what I think it was) on their eyelids while you are on the driver side and actually driving. You almost hit my car today and I am hopping mad. You think you are super human, that you can have one eye closed, one eye on the mirror, one hand holding on to makeup brush and can still drive? I wish I was in India. I wish I could have stopped right there in the middle of peak hour traffic and given you some sane advise.



48 thoughts on “All made up

  1. what an idiot. I would get extremely mad too. Last week, I saw a woman texting with one hand and using the other hand to feed herself sandwich. Yeah, that’s right – both eyes and hands off the car/road. SIGH.

      1. WHAT???? I am so pissed I can’t think straight…

        Next time girl, note their reg. nos. Make a written complaint. Even if you are getting late, chase and note it down, take a pic from your mobile – whatever it takes. Even if you don’t know whether it will be considered – some day it might…

  2. Oh tell me about those people holding the cell phone somewhere between the neck and yapping while driving. Morons seriously.

    but I am with you on not knowing M of make up. YAY ! 😀

  3. Such things are fun to watch in movies and sitcoms where the supposed acts are shown as ‘cool’ and ‘funny’. When it comes to real life, it is downright moronic and foolish!!!

    Did the girl intend to be looking perfectly made-up just in case she hits someone or gets hit herself and her pics show up in the newspaper??

    1. I like for logic Varsh. I don’t know what her issue was. I just think she was running late and did not have time for her makeup at home so she was doing it in the car..while driving.. 😦

      1. Its stupid na Comfy…like if you didn’t get time to go to the loo at home you can relieve yourself on the way!!! Yuck!!! 😛

        For such people other’s lives (not to mention they are themselves at much risk) do not matter more than their face cement and paints.

        #$%#$%$^$^^$!!!!!!!!! 😀

  4. Gosh! I hate such ppl and those who demonstrate various exercises of the neck while talking over their cell phone … driving their two-wheeler @ that ! N what do we say when u see even those who ought to impost laws dng the same 😦 😦

    Even I wonder hw ppl have the time and patience for all that make-up too .. kudos to them!

    1. Not just talking on the mobile…some stupid girls don’t even know how to mind their dupattas while driving…women don’t know how to carry their kids around with safety…they need to be told if they are tripping!!! 😦

      1. right point…duppattas are a big problems here..I have myself pointed out so many ladies / girls for taking care of their duppatta’s which is almost gone in the running tyre ..scary it is ! Sometimes H even tells me to not point out and let them have a fall or something then only they will realise..I mean it’s just a common sense-which surely seems to be uncommon !

        and yes talking on mobile…I hate people with their shoulders supporting the mobile at their ears…why the hell can’t you buy a hand-free which does not cost a fortune !

    2. Shudder to think Cell Phone and two-wheelers.. Yikes..

      I truly don’t mind women with make-up.. and do admire the ones who do it well.. It is idiots like this lady who get me mad. And this is not the first time I have seen someone do it while driving. 😦

  5. hey bhagwan…that lady really did that ? courageous na ? hah !

    And too a no make-up girl..I never like to be decked up and hence never went that way and hence no idea how these girlies do it all 😛

    I can’t even buy these kits since I don’t know about them..these ladies seem to have earned Ph.Ds in Make-up,if that’s some course 😛

    But hope your car is well and not much damage has been done…sahi mein India mein to you could have hanged around for an hour to this 😛 Aise time it feels that India is great 🙂

    1. She was on the side and heading straight for me.. so I honked read hard..which made the swerve on the other side.

      So yeah my car is fine. Did not get touched. If it had there would have been a big deal with Police called etc. That is the norm here. You can’t just run off after hitting someone’s car.

  6. People love doing that don’t they?!
    Think they can apply mascara while driving!! 🙄

    And makeup while working out? Really?!! Won’t it run when one sweats?!
    why wear makeup when working out?!!

    I don’t understand this part….

    1. Oh yeah makeup while working out. I see it all the time. But those people don’t seem to sweat at all. They walk sedentarily on the treadmill looking around.

      But they look awesome doing it 🙂

  7. Shucks maan…I always feeling that people act like ‘their life is your responsibility”

    Now that’s where India scores…the woman would have got the choicest of “madame akal kya ghaas charne gayi hai” type dialogues

    and please count me in the “No make up club”…i can’t even put on lipstick well…!

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