I Love

My blog friends rock. Why you ask? Well if are asking.. read on. Go on..go..

Mr Bald Guy and Dido gave me the ‘Cup Cake’ badge.

 And I am suppose to write three things I love about myself. And am suppose to post a picture I love. And pass it on to 5 people. So let’s begin

  • I love my hair. It is versatile enough to go from ‘Tousled waves’ to ‘Sleek straight’ based on how much time or how little (read none at all) I spend on it after I wash them.
  • I love my life and where I am currently.
  • I love being a woman. Having the various shades of compassion, love, anger and everything in between. But most of all I love that I have it in me as a woman to carry another human inside and bring the said out safe and sound in this world.

The picture I love is my Gavatar so not posting another one here.

I would love to pass this badge on to BlueMist, Nu, NuttieRevs and Varsh

Varsh completed 50 posts and bestowed upon us loads of love, so please go wish her on the same. 

Thank you again, all of you for all your love and for making the blog world this wonderful place to be.


39 thoughts on “I Love

  1. Congratulations Comfy 🙂

    That is one beautiful award. Love it all the more after I baked gorgeous cup cakes just this Sunday 😀 😀

    I too love your gravatar pic 🙂


  2. lovely thing you mentioned comfy…the third point is so touching 🙂

    Congratulations on the cup cake award and YAY that you gave it to me 🙂 HUGS….

    Will take it up today it self 🙂

  3. Wish I could say something similar about my hair… they wont change from straight… no matter what I do and they are hell bent upon covering my forehead !!!! 😦

    Touchwood and congratulations on the award !!!!! 😀

  4. Congratulations and celebrations for the award….Lets have a get-together and share at least one dessert recipe from our side..(If and only if you and our blogger friends are interested)…..

    I second Nu for the third point..

    Enjoy!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Congratulations Comfy!!! Hugs Hugs Hugs 😀

    Kya baat hai…the award and all the three points are great!! 😀

    And how very nice of you to pass on the cup cakes to me!! Thanks darling!! 🙂

    I loved your first and third point…and with you on them completely. My hair are such a mess, almost always! Mumbai humidity only makes it worse 😦
    When I held A Junior in my arms for the first time I actually realised the miracle of birth…it was a moment of pride, glory and joy 🙂

  6. thankssss comfyy for taking up this tag…:)

    u love being a woman….WOW …. !! i love tht 😉 Women power…We rock…

  7. Awww….Thank you so much Comfy. It is a gorgeous badge.
    and I feel you should upgrade the gravatar to add the tiny little hand there to complete the family. 😀

  8. this is one of the cutest awards that have been going around.. the badge looks sooo cute!! congratulations on winning it… 🙂
    if u love ur life and where u are, u are sure to be a very happy person! 🙂

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