Coming true

You know about those dreams, that you dream about your future, with eyes open and looking out a window. I dreamed so many of those while I was pregnant. All revolved around D and me and a baby I could only see the back of the head of. So what if the face was not clear or defined. I still dreamed. But as with all dreams, when life makes its presence know, the dreams get forgotten, left somewhere in the vast dreamland.

Sometime last week, the sun was out and it was still some time before Buzz’s bedtime so we decided to go to this biggish park a little distance from our house. Once we got to the park, we did the usual. Sat Buzz down on a swing and push her and hear her laugh as the swing moved back and forth. Pick her up and place her somewhere in the middle of a slide and smile as she squeals coming down. And repeat the process till both of us are tired because she wants to slide over and over again.

As I said the park is kind of biggish and has had a lot of work done on it in the past year. So we decided to walk around the park a bit before heading home, see all the changes. Buzz was picked up and we started walking to the other side of the park crossing the soccer field in the middle. And there they were. The artificial rock formation which are new additions. D got all excited and started walking towards the rocks, and they were perfect..the shape, the size, the texture..all perfect to introduce young children to the sport of rock climbing, with cushioned ground so that they could land safely if they fell/jumped. D kept moving around the formation, touching here, feeling a rock grip there, thinking of a route that someone could take to climb to the top. All the while Buzz walked around here and there and me keeping an eye on her.

Buzz finally in her usual style toddled over to D and held on to his leg, as she does ever so often when she wants to be picked up. So D scooped her up and showed her the rock. Making her touch an especially easy hold, moving her other hand to another hold, telling her what she was suppose to do. Not that she understood a thing. But there was this joy on his face, a smile in his voice and I guess some of it must have translated itself to Buzz or she was just curious because she gave the rock all her attention.

And as I stood in the background looking at father and daughter, one of my dream flashed before my eyes, now coming true.


32 thoughts on “Coming true

  1. I can imagine what must have raced through your mind as dad and daughter discovered and marveled the adventures of rock climbing 😀 😀

    For I know it well how much D enjoys life outdoors it would definitely have been a dream come true moment for him to imagine buzz getting all excited and geared up for the wonderful adventures of outdoor life 😀 😀

    Keep dreaming and enjoying life seeing those dream take the garb of reality as little buzz grows up 🙂 🙂

  2. This is what I like about love ( and marriage if there is any ) that our dreams get expanded ; they make place for someone else as well. We stand there happily ; seeing that dream coming true; without a single moment of sadness; even if we are not part of it.
    Not entirely related but it is still. Do I even make sense Comfy ?

  3. when for a moment your life looks vaguely like u dreamed of, it beings so much bliss doesn’t it? I have had these moments Comfy, I know how you feel…
    it’s difficult to explain the overwhelming joy it brings, and yet it’s a huge achievement on it’s own to not speak about 🙂
    keep counting all such blessings Comfy, wishing you a truckload more 😀

  4. senti kar diya fir se…but I’m not complaining 🙂 I’m loving it !

    I know what you really mean by the last line…watching the father and daughter like this together..these are bonding years..and that’s when the love grows more in foundation days…

    oh more senti now…remembering dad ! after all like all daughters I’m a daddy’s doll 🙂

    All your dreams will come to reality wait and watch 🙂

    hehehe on the other hand you know what…something between the1st and 2nd para so told me that may be you are breaking a news that you are preggie again 😉

  5. The love one feels for a child, the kind of dormant feelings the kid stirs in a parent is something that needs to be felt. I try and put them into words to bring out atleast a part of the beauty one gets to soak in and I cannot..

    But then Comfy, you have done an awesome job of putting it all into words.. the warmth (i felt all the way here) and the way it filled my heart.. aww cannot even put it in words..

  6. This is sooooooooo sweet!!! 🙂

    I agree completely with the Daddy and daughter bonding…the way girls are close to their Dads is very special and loving 🙂
    You reminded me of my Dad..he has made me a completely spoilt brat…I can make any senseless demand..and he still agrees to it!!! 😀

    But yes….I have to say one thing…when I see both my A’s bonding big time…while dancing away on some sick item number…when Papa A shows him pictures from books and newspapers..when he secretly gives him chocolates from the fridge…it feels like its something I can never understand or be a part of! 🙂 😦 😛

    1. Dads always give in to the demands more easily..they don’t have to worry about sweet before bedtime will make getting the kids to sleep a nightmare.. or so many such scenarios.

      For now I am always glad when D and Buzz get to spend special moments together, because I get to do the same as well. I like that they have a part that does not involve me. Who knows how I will feel as time goes on. 🙂

  7. Sitting back and enjoying the bond between Dad and daughter…..You are blessed…
    May loads of such blessings shower on you….

    Hugs n hugs….

  8. how sweet is that…it’s so nice to have these dreams take form in reality and I’m so glad you had your moment. 🙂 Here’s wishing you many many such lovely moments in life, my dearest Comfy!

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