Wordless Wednesday – XVII


54 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – XVII

    1. There use to be..horses flying by..this place was a haven for Native Indians and no one else found a way to this place for the longest time. And then they did and everything changed.. Sigh..

  1. It remind me of some animated kids movie like ‘happy feet’ OR ‘Ice age’ OR even the ‘Sound of Music’ 🙂

    But the nature is so soft and soothing here that it sure makes up a background for some nice movie 🙂

    or hey that song: “Goonji Si hai,sari disha,jaise bajti ho shahnaiyan…”

    1. oh but you can pass on your address to me,I’m okay to come down meet Buzie pie and have fun with you holidaying these places 🙂

      Swaru you can pass on your tickets to me 🙂

  2. Is there any option on your blog wherein you escort us and/or sponsor us for a visit to all these charming places when we visit DC next? 😛

    Great picture by the way! 😀

  3. I think Yash Raj should take tips from Comfy on where to find virgin locations…they’re getting so very cliched…she can sure help them…right Comfy??? 😉

    It reminded me many romantic songs…kaun kaun se batau..for one…

    Tu mere saamne main tere saamne…

      1. That’s the whole point…the places they choose have been shown to death…monetary incentive’s true…

        All of their movies right from the Kabhi Kabhi time had been shot in Switzerland..but with Yash Raj directing them himself there was a freshness in every angle…which is seriously missing now…

        Ohhhoo…i started lecturing!! 😛

  4. Comfy!! Loking at ur pics, I just feel am wasting my time out here, I shud simply pack my bags nd visit these places. Lookin at these pics itself bring so much peace n tranquility to my mind…imagine what wud happen on visitn them!!

    Thanks comfy for these beautiful ..Picturesque pics..

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