Perfect defined

Perfect Timing is Buzz throwing the wooden block just as Maa is lifting the spoon to feed her.

Perfect Aim is the block hitting the spoon splattering food everywhere.

Perfect Eyesight is Buzz finding a little speck of food that Maa has missed and rub it into the carpet so as to leave a permanent mark on the carpet.

Thanks T for providing inspiration for defining things.


40 thoughts on “Perfect defined

    1. Maa is already making about it..

      That is why I get J when people in India talk about having a maid..Even if you are an hands on Mom there is so much you can hand over..

      But I am not complaining..I like my life the way it is 🙂

  1. look at the positive side comfy..her aim and her timing ! So perfect !! tsk tsk..tells me that you are not catching up on perfection with Buzzie 😛

    *runs…faster* LOL !!

    Everything you share about Buzz brings her closer to me..I’ve started feeling that I know her so well 🙂

  2. wow i like Buzz..she is one smart lil kid in the making…and dont worry abt the carpet stain..if the carpet stays for really long, it will remind you of days you used to feed her, when she would be gulping down cereals to rush to college 🙂

  3. We’ve all done our share of mischief when we were her age.
    Mum let buzzu fairy have her share of super energy filled naughtiness 😀 😀

    Go buzz go 😉 😉

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