Slip away

The wonder does not seem to leave her face, as everyday during bath time she tries to catch hold of the water flowing through the tap and can’t. Sometime perplexed, sometimes plain joyous as her hand gets wet but fist comes out empty. I move to cup some water in my palm. She dips her fingers in it and smiles. Yes Maa can hold water. She tries again. No luck. She looks at me again, mouth wide open. I open my palm and let the water flow and then we both jump in to get down to splashing the water in the tub and getting wet.

Recent visit to the beach. An uncertain her. This ever shifting ground made for a very shaky walk. Till she stumbled down and her hands hit the sand. Sand would not stay in her tiny hands either but at least some of it stuck to her palm which is some consolation. The hand, as if needs to be asked, promptly went in her mouth. Left for a scrambling Maa and Paa. Very quick reflexes required, else she was eating what she could not hold.

Need I add..Buzz loves sand and water a lot. So what if she can’t hold them, no matter how she tries 🙂


26 thoughts on “Slip away

  1. aww 😀 buzz, I love sand and water too :D…let’s go to the beach together, ok sweetheart?

    Comfy, your words add so much beauty to what is already charming. 🙂

  2. Sweet 🙂
    Growing up adventures of the Buzz fairy 🙂

    Soon it’ll be time to build castles with the sand and water that she is in awe with 😀 😀


  3. you,like always,created the entire scene in front of my eyes…I could literally imagine Buzz trying to get hold of the water…wow !! She is doing something or the other all the time…growing kids that she is 🙂

    BRAINY is the word..note it ! 🙂

  4. Nu just spoke out my heart….I too can visualize little Buzz hands trying to retain water in her palm,and her sweet inquisitive facial expressions when she finds her fist empty….
    Her activity factor is too high….:)
    A tight hug for Buzz Fairy…

  5. Awww.. how cute!!

    I could picture mother and daughter playing around in water and the sand! 🙂
    It is very puzzling why mumma can hold water and not little Buzz! 😀

  6. I Love the way you express Comfy…add even more beauty to the whole thing 🙂

    Am sure Buzz will make you guys go out in the ocean again and again…did she roll in the wet sand and dance around in it? I’m sure she did!!! 😛 😀

  7. May be you should try giving her water bowl and see what she does ? Just like that.

    It is so amazing Comfy that you make the simple looking things so precious.

  8. Nam – u write so well..i could almost picture the whole thing..

    Awwww Buzz is water being mean to u???…never mind ok…mumm..a will hold water for u know..! and if u continue to be so cute u baby munchkin…i am going to eat u up…

    1. She loves the water Nuttie..loves it loves it.. She stands in the tub and I start the tap..she touches her toe to it to test if it is cold and moves back..and repeats the process till the hot water starts coming.. and then she breaks up in a smile and starts her games.. 🙂

  9. hahahaha….that must be a very cute scene…watching her trying hard to hold the tap water in hand..Why don’t you catch up such perfect Kodak moments in your camera???..i hope you must be 🙂

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