Wordless Wednesday – XVI


46 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – XVI

  1. Siggghhhh…awesome!

    Oh to be on a boat in this sea
    It’s worth any kind of fee
    I promise not to be a busy bee
    Silence shall be a key…

    ….and my poetry is chee (chee-chee)

    See it brought out the poet in me…NUT Wordsworth!

  2. my heart goes “raat ka sama madhur chandrama,mann mora nache re ban ke bijuriya…”


    “chanda re chanda re kabhi to jami par aaa…baithenge bate karenge…”

    LOVELY !!

      1. I love all the Chand songs too much 🙂 It’s such an important element in our Bollywood songs,poems and yes an important part of our mother nature too 🙂

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