Getting ones point across

This past weekend morning, I was sleeping in and D was taking care of Buzz. This is how, I am told, things went down.

Dad and daughter are playing in the living room with lot of rolling and jumping is involved. Which are resulting in laughs and giggles.

Buzz once in a while stops her play and says: Mummm
To which D replies: Maa is sleeping baby. Paa and Buzz will play.

After a little while Buzz heads to the kitchen. She does tend to play there a lot so D lets her be and out comes his smart-phone and he precedes to checking emails, catching Facebook statues and the likes. There is a big thud in the kitchen and he looks up to see Buzz lugging a small icebox which generally contains her milk when we are  going out and at night (because I don’t have the energy to get up to grab milk from the kitchen in the middle of the night). She has somehow managed to get the icebox down from the kitchen counter (remember the loud thud) and continues to half drag and half carry it to D.

Once she gets to D, she points to the icebox emphatically and say Mummm.. D’s flickering tubelight lights up full blast.

Buzz has been talking non-stop, the past month or so. But dumb parents that we are..we don’t understand a third of what she says. It took me forever to get that I was Mummmaa and food was Mummm. And there were numerous pointing at the kitchen and fridge before she got the point across.

Buzz has now ensured that D never forgets the difference either 🙂

I got up to the site of Buzz sitting contentedly in D’s lap drinking her milk


59 thoughts on “Getting ones point across

  1. Cooool…yes kids do have this habit of pointing out to things, but the tubelights of us first-timers do flicker a lot before we can grasp the meaning 😛

    How cute…I’m told girls do tend to talk earlier…I’m still waiting my son to talk properly…he simply grins when I ask him to speak! 😦

    1. But those grins are so cute.. 🙂

      And yeah..we first time parents are total tubelights.. takes forever to understand what is being said.. 😦

      But the tales that come out of them are so funny 😀

      1. Thats all he does!! Now I know why guys are called as the ‘mastikhor’ ones…and they sure start off early…and yes…not listening to Mom’s first on the list 😛

          1. Really!! He’s already started taking his dad’s side with everything…who in turn leaves no stone unturned to spoil him 😛

            He’s older than Buzz…and his modus operandi is to hold and hand and pull us to where he wants to take us 😀

  2. Lol MUMmmmm…choo cuteeee …. yaa my aunt used to always get confused between mummmumm(food) and mummmaa.. hehe.. happens happens.. keep updating us.. so tht we get experienced even b4 we hav kids 😛

  3. Buzz is a super cute and super smart little fairy 😀 😀
    Loved the way she pointed out that she was hungry and wanted milk. she is the solution seeker just like me 😉 else all the other kids tend to simply cry whenever hungry 🙂

    Hugs to Mummmaa and cutie little buzz 😀 😀

  4. the same thing coming in here…she’s teaching you guys again 🙂 but what an intelligent baby she is Comfy 🙂 I just loved her idea of putting her point across..I mean one could have rather cried and showed that something’s wrong or that the baby is hungry..but she instead chose a way to try and show him what she wanted !!!

    Hats off to Buzz…and mind you comfy this one’s not for you 😛 totally a fit for buzzie pie !!

  5. Intelligence!
    Rather than crying and bringing the roof down, baby genius got just wjat she wanted!
    Psst: Any chance of knowing if she rolled her eyes and said ‘Duh’? 😀

  6. aww 😀 it’s so nice that she didn’t give up when you guys didn’t get what she was trying to say..she went on to get her point across some way or the other and that’s the thing…she’s awesome 😀

  7. you fill that wharton application for the cutie. im telling you, she’ll be needing it.

    and i dont know what was going in her head then. like “why can’t these big people not understand when I speak so plainly, huh?” their world is awesome:D

  8. thats the thing with being last…everyone has already used every conceivable word that contains “mummm” 😦
    hmmmm… annnywaaay….. parenting can be a real challenge na? dont u get some super powers once u become parents? i always thot parents have this really fabulous ability to know wat their kids are thinking, understand their language, no matter how unclear and anticipate their actions… i guess once in a while the powers dont work… im sure u arent dumb parents.. just a little out of the super power! 🙂

  9. Last ..Last Yay!!!
    Last position is also not bad…
    Really Buzz must be thinking ** So silly of my Mumma Papa ,they are not getting my point**

    It was adorable..

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