This thing called Love

The newly married us..a freshly landed in this part of the world me..went on a road trip. Jet lag, home-sickness, all the wedding high, giddy with happiness..everyone came along. Long drives, beautiful snow-capped mountains, lush green trees, smooth flowing road, blue-green watered rivers..

A fantastic trip. So the ever outdoorsy D comes up with an idea to cap the trip in style.

D: Let’s Bungee Jump. *all excited*
Me: What? Really? *praying he is not serious*
D: It will be so much fun. Perfect way to end the trip. Man that will be so much fun.
Me: Where will we find a place to jump? *praying harder* (this was back in the day when smart phones were not the norm)
D: Oh I researched about this place about a half a day drive from here.
Me: You researched already we have half a day to spare? Maybe we should head home. *eyes closed, blood circulation stopped in hands from holding on to the seat*
D: Naa..and even if we are late, I am driving so we will be fine. We will get home a little late. So big deal.

My silence (I was praying you see) is taken as agreement. And off we go. Once we get there, we are taken to the top of the bridge to see how high we will be jumping from. Then send down again to sign papers (our lives off).

Me: Why don’t you do it by yourself?
D: What is the fun in that? This way we can always remember the trip and that start to our marriage.
Me: I am scared *mumbles*
D: Did you say something?
Me: aaa..I said, I don’t want to.
D: …
Me: …
D: …
Me: …
D: That’s my girl, you go jump first. I will click pictures from here. I will go next.

So I make my way back up to the bridge, on jellybean legs. Once up top, these two dude..shorts, ear studs, arm band, get the picture right? any ways these two dude tie a cord around my ankles

Dudes: Do you want to dunk in the river water below?
Me: Err..No?
Dudes: But what is the fun in that?
Me: Dude that statement is what got me in this kind of trouble. Don’t use that line on me. If I have to do this at least let me get out of this ordeal without being sopping wet. *all in my head of course* *aloud* No I am good, Thanks. No dunk in the river.
Dudes: Cool.
Dude1 Goes and adjusts the length of the road accordingly
Dudes2: We will say 1. 2. 3. Bungee and you jump on Bungee.
Me: Sure whatever you say *barely audible whisper*
Dudes: Ready?
Me: *just look at them, with horror in my eyes*
Dudes: 1. 2. 3. Bungee *scream*
Me: *Nothing keep standing*
Dudes: OK again. 1. 2. 3. Bungee *scream*
Me: * Look down and keep standing*
Dudes: Do you want to give you a nudge on Bungee?
Me: Let me try one more time. If I don’t this time, you may the next time.
Dudes: Cool. 1. 2. 3. Bungee *scream* *PUSH ME DOWN*
Me: *Let out one short scream before starting to concentrate on the breathing part*

And that people is what happens when you are stupid in love and do things because love is blind and all that 😐 So let this be a lesson to all of you..

And now he wants me to skydive. But the love blinkers (at least the blind ones) are off and I am standing my ground.


56 thoughts on “This thing called Love

    1. comfy you are a brave girl,really ! I’m so so scared of heights,I told you,I really could not have managed re..I don’t think so !!

      Skydiving ? sounds really exciting but just by the imagination of me doing it.. I’m weak in my knees 😛

      1. Hehe, my fame precedes me.

        Over here it’s the other way around. She’s the adventurous one, always ready and daring for bungee jumping and white water rafting, while sedate and calm me, (read scared shit) is always safe on the shore.


  1. Sigh! Have they stopped making such men after D? Bigggger sigh! I’m more like D and SS is like you 😦

    1. Naa..they did not Revs..You just went and fell in love with the other kind..but then you two balance each other right..??..and you can drag him in to whatever craziness you want.. 😀

  2. lol..thts sooo cutee.. GO comfy go skydivee…. pyaara tum iss mod pe le hi aaya hai… toh aage ki mat socho 😛

    can upload the picss of bungee jumping.. 🙂

      1. I said blind love – not AB 😀 😀 . He only asked, I agreed – blind love for him. Then when he ordered chicken lollipops, I ate 6 out of the 8(left 2 to be polite :P), out of blind love for food 😀

        Alcohol took time, food is always easier to fall in love with 😀

        1. You left him only 2 ❓ 😯 are a food lover aren’t you? 😀

          And I can’t help but remember the friends episode were Joey breaks up with this girl because she tries to eat out of his plate.. Glad AB is not like that 😛 😛

        2. Hey you fraud Iyer. You eat the chicken and what-nots because you are a foody. Not because of blind love 😀 Ooora yaemaathra nee! 😀

  3. LOL! i want to, too! so much so much so much, alright i’ll stop.

    im married to someone who will calculate the maximum displacement of the roller coaster from the ground and cite it as a reason to stay on the ground and wave hi to me when im up above 😀

  4. Sky diving sounds fun….go for it girl you’ll love it 😀 😀

    Awesome narration Comfy, I could picture it all in your words.

    You are indeed one brave girl 🙂


  5. mushy yet so funny…”Dudes”…caught me snickering….so seriously how does it feel finally when your fears were overcome…beyond the fact that you bungee jum for your love:)…skydiving..what a wonderful way to celebrate your love:)…enjoyed this post…cheers

    1. Not overcome yet.. I was pushed down..that too when I was not expecting it..It was suppose to be the next time..was it not?

      Glad you liked reading the post and thanks for stopping by 🙂

  6. LOL .. well written Comfy. I hv nt changed much in such things bcoz we like things the same. But eh, blind love hs made me eat less spicy food .. for a girl who used to shout @ her mom for 1 less chilly, this is way tooooo much 😛

  7. Wow Bungee jumping and now sky diving…What an adventure!!
    My H will first apply the safety rules and then decide stay on the ground .Will not let me do also…
    Good luck.Great going..Yehi to pyar hai meri jaan….

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