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Me tagged by Trish and Nuttie and me needs to write seven RANDOM things about me. Now me has written strange things about me, 10 honest things, answered 100 round round questions, 5×5 scratch me head but oh what fun questions. So 7 kis khet ke mooli hei..me ke baayen haath ka khel hei.. (special translation for Revs..So 7 is which farm’s radish..this is me’s left hand play)

  1. I can tell if a wine is good or bad just by swirling it in the glass and smelling it. D finds it very amusing. I am his wine sniffer.
  2. In college when everyone was getting ready to give their GREs I was taking it cool, since I was very sure I was not leaving India ever. Other countries held no allure for me but for cool places to visit. But as the way things go, I was the first one in my batch to fly out of India. Sigh, thing one does for love.
  3. It has been years since I moved here, but I still sigh as I stand in front of my wardrobe ’cause I want to wear that half that I don’t get to wear as often as I like because I don’t like extra attention and wearing an Indian outfit is like a beacon to attract crowd.
  4. I have never baked a thing in my life and am not even tempted to. Every time I look at a recipe for something to bake, I drop the idea the minute I get to the sugar and butter part. I love to eat baked goods but don’t want to spoil the fun by knowing the sheer amount of fat that goes in to it, else my mental calorie count ticker will go off and I would not enjoy any of it.
  5. I LOVE with a capital L, Love sweets. And could not stand any while I was pregnant. So I am compensating now 😛
  6. I can stand strong and hold my own under the toughest of situations. It’s the simple, everyday things that can make me break down and cry buckets.
  7. I can’t help but laugh when I hear someone else laugh out loud. To me that is the best sound ever and 100% contagious.

This is not as easy as it sounds me thinks..so me is now going to catch 7 of you to go through some look at self ‘Me’ time. Me tags ChatterBox, Dew, Mavericshree, Misty, Ramit, Revs, Varsh


50 thoughts on “Random Somethings

  1. I need to learn how to do tags from you, Comfy. I mean how to do it fast. I keep postponing and then eventually I’m bound to forget. Anyway 😀

    Wine sniffer, eh? 😀 What a skill to have!

    I Hate sweets, with capital H. 😀 Except for chocolates and chocolate ice cream though :D. But I’m with you on #6 and #7. 🙂

        1. of course yes ! It’s was a tough nut to crack…and I’m not a brainy like you 😛 so it’s a biggg achievement for me 😉

    1. The trick is to start writing..then I just have to finish..the compulsive ‘everything should be in order’ part of me takes over. 😀

      See I am not too big on the chocolates or ice cream part. I like sweet sweets..Indian style.. 🙂

  2. Ah this is called life. Just finished with one and here another one is waiting. 😛
    Kidding…thanks comfy. Will take it up sometime. 🙂

    Wine Sniffer that’s quite some skill.

    I adore Indian Outfits. So I have never given second thought before wearing them. In USA and now here. In fact the local ladies adored it ; the way they were amazed to see me in those. 😀 😀

    Even though I love baking; I never eat them. Sweets and Cakes are mostly to give away or for the Sweet tooth of other half. They are not my game.

    Ditto on 6. and it is worst when watching some soppy movie or song. Sigh !

    1. I wish I could be like that Misty..Local ladies do adore them, but I get too worked up about all the attention. 😐

      LOL on the soppy movie or song bit..same here.. 😀

  3. wow to let me peep into your wardrobe 😉 and some of your things that now I know 🙂

    And I want to give you a special HUG…thanks for not tagging me 😉

    Hey did that 5*5 wala tag at Randomness..come see

  4. I wish I had the gift of #1 – but that would have made me a tanki for sure 😛

    Ditto on 3, 6, 7 🙂

    Like Nu, thanks for not tagging me Comfy, I would not have known what to write 😀

    1. LOL..you and tanki..na don’t see it happening.. 🙂

      I tagged you last time..so though I would give you a break and am sure someone else will.. so don’t think you are safe 😀 😀

  5. Wow .. u r so gud and quick @ dng tags Comfy .. gotta take lessons from u 🙂

    1 really interesting 🙂
    4 – lol totally agree with u though I luv baking 😉
    5 – I Hate them 😛 Gimme anything spicy and I luv it 🙂
    7 – So sweet of u 🙂

  6. The first comment sounds so cool and sophisticated…Wow! and u know what (while i do adore buzz baby), i like the fact u didn’t need to mention her even once when u wrote seven things abt u!

  7. Such skills lady..oh noo…**post teen**..too quick to do another tag…n am just half way of the first one…

    Wine sniffer..Aah!! (thumbs up) me-no wine-shine.
    Outfits..I really love to wear “Bhartiya paridhaan” n I wear them with all sorts of Indian accessories whether I am in middle east or India.

    I love cooking ,and sometimes go for baking too but yes calorie part—me needs to cut down on it..so try to cook with minimum fat..

    Exactly the same on #6 and #7

    1. Your tag is tough Geeta..that one took me forever to do..

      I don’t drink either..I just sniff at it or may be take one sip..I just somehow get the smell of it.

      I envy you your ease to wear ‘Bhartiya Paridhaan’. Wish I could.

  8. Wow! yet again you made me grin ear to ear with so many similarities 🙂

    I’ve mastered the art of ignoring the scales (be it for my weight or the kitchen scale to weigh the butter and sugar I put in the umpteen cakes and cookies I bake.) 😉 😉

    Thanks for tagging me comfy, shall come up with something soon.


  9. I love sweets too!
    And I’m yet to bake anything in an oven (dont have one)
    But, I do want to learn how to bake a cake from scratch! 🙂

    Nice to know a few more things about you Comfy! 🙂

  10. You take up tags and finish them very well Comfy!! 😀

    Loads of ‘info’ on you there…know what lets meet up and squeal…I’m sure out laughter’s going to infect the other one anyway 😀 ;P

    Will take it up very soon…the prob is where to find 7 people I can torture again after the 5 things tag 😛

  11. How do u do the wine thingy? I can’t even tell if the drink in the glass is wine or something else. I’d love to learn about wines.. How did you?

    Awesome all seven!

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