Oh no..

I am turning out to be one of those Moms..

  • who is constantly complaining that her kid does not eat enough.
  • who is thinking of buying a hair clip for her baby, because her hair is always on her face. Knowing that it is not going to stay in her hair but will land in her mouth and may make its way out through her stomach is what is stopping me.
  • who is obsessed about the safety of any and everything the little one puts her hand on and keep constantly washing her hands.
  • who is over smitten with her baby.  
  • who wants all smiles and hugs from the little one directed her way.

This is what happens when one opens their big mouth and say they will never do so and so. Karma comes back and bites you big time. Help someone..anyone..I need an intervention.. Anyone..Please.. 😐

*Goes off looking for the total chilled out self*


65 thoughts on “Oh no..

  1. What intervention woman? This is what a mother is supposed to be, no? Caring, smitten, loving? 😀 Relax…you are being an awesome mother, I’m sure 🙂


      1. That’s quite alright, Comfy. As long as you realize that you are getting obsessed, I’m sure you will work on bending things the way you want. Most of the times, the problem arises because people don’t realize their obsession. 😀 So I’m sure you are doing just fine. 🙂

                  1. Who is sending a sperm-donor this way? I’ll happily make babies for you aunties. I just hope the man(sperm donor) is saint-like and the kids turn out like him. Else one of you-Comfy/T/Divz/Nu/Swaram can have the piglets(my kids wonly).

                    Since all this is a lot of hardwork, Nu you just have to emmm ‘work’ with the mister and DO it. That will be a lot easier. So Nu it is!! 😀

  2. Don’t worry Comfy cause what all you’re up to is what I have seen and heard all mothers do (including worrying )
    so it is normal to be smitten and obsessed and worrying too.

    Loved the foot note of your sweet post 😀 😀


    1. Thanks CB.. I first worry about Buzz..and then worry, that I worry about Buzz.. and then worry..that I worry about worrying about Buzz..

      And so the cycle goes.. 😦

      Crazy mom I tell ya 🙂

  3. awwww it’s your birth right to be smitten by your baby… don’t be so hard on yourself 🙂

    and hey, you are the mother- you are naturally entitled to the largest share of hugs, kissies and smiles 😀 😀

    sit back and sink in the lurve 😀

  4. haaa! u too… I just got it from a mom of a 14 year old next door, ditto, what u just said … heee heee, be smitten woman, the joy of motherhood and holding ur baby 🙂 enjoy 🙂

    1. LOL..we moms are a crazy bunch are we not? I am enjoying it..
      I just had different ideas of the kind of mom I would be..so this is ‘See what happens when you enter something with preconceived notions about self’ post 🙂

  5. Your obsession is quite natural…Though I am not eligible to comment on this post but yes being a daughter I can understand the possessiveness of mothers…For now I can just sit back and smile and shower blessings on both of you(Buzzy and you)…
    Enjoy the joy of being a mother…Thats all I can say..

  6. Comfy dear…if you wouldn’t have done all this you’d need some intervention!!! 🙂

    Come on…aren’t all moms supposed to be like this? 😉 That’s our speciality…we are endlessly trying to see our bundle of joy’s safe and well looked-after 🙂

    And smitten….you have to be darling! Buzz is such a sweetheart 😀

    Hugs and kisses…they’re our birth right…and we’re their claimants…lifetime supply…no warranty or guarantee needed 😛 So enjoy!! 😀

  7. oh comfy !! don’t be so upset with yourself..you are perfectly alrite…you know even today I think I should not do this to my baby and do that to my baby-when it’s born-how early that is ! Just by seeing people doing it to their babies…But that’s what happens darling 🙂

    You are perfectly normal 🙂 And the only fact that you are thinking about keeping a check on yourself,tells that you are on control and you will put breaks or slow down wherever necessary 🙂

    HUGSSSSSSSSssssssssssss !!

    1. Oh O..you took Revs side..you know everyone here is coming for you next.. 🙂

      Revs is such a sweetheart..wait till she reads these comments..she will take us all on and come up on top. 😀

    2. Sunshinesafar darling! Muah I love you! I’m sending a box of chocolates your way, right now! Finest, home-made Italian oops sorry, Belgian chocolates 😀

        1. Baaah Comfy. You make me sound like this rowdy kid who gets into street fights with half a dozen other kids wearing a panty which has a big hole and as if I’m the one-kid-army that crawls over all those other kids and fight and win! Pah!

          *walks away shaking her head in disbelief*

          1. Huuunn..I wrote the above with all the pride of a mom..adopted so what..and I get a thunk on the head for the same..

            *sits in the corner and looks out the window, wondering if she will ever understand her kids*

            I love you my little brat..big hole panty or not..

            1. *looking out through my window from the apartment where I’d just moved to(yeah Mom, I just walked out of home to live on my own) and thinking of all the happy times I had with Mommy Comfy*

              Mom, I love you too. But I couldnt take it anymore. I had to walk away from you. It doesn’t mean I love you Mom. After every little success of mine, I assure you that I’d think aloud ‘Mere paas Maa hai’ *wipes away tears*

              People, wheres that A.R.Rahman guy? I hired him to play the BGM for our family drama 😛

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