Varsh came up with this tag (some people have all the creativity I tell you), completed it in style (and aah what style) and went ahead and tagged me. I have been scratching my head to come up with half decent answers since. Knowing me, if I don’t do the tag soon, I would never get to it. Not done, not done that, at all. So I am running head on inside the tag and will hopefully see you all on the other side.       

5 pathetically horrible movies you’ve seen        

  1. Ajab Prem ki Gajab Kahaani – OMG, this movie is a classic reminder of don’t judge a movie by its cover..err.. its music.
  2. Citizen Kane – We were looking for some good movies to watch. Came across this in ‘Greatest movies of all time list’. I guess I am not cut out for all time hit movies because I could not, no matter what I did, could not make my way through 119 mins.
  3. Dil Ka Rishta – What was I thinking to want to see a movie with Miss Rai? Oh yeah, I was still dumb enough to want to droll over Mr. Rampal. Learned my lesson didn’t I?
  4. The Truman Show – I am not a fan of Jim Carrey. Can’t stand his movies for most part. But friends dragged me to see this movie. I hated every minute of it. And then promptly went ahead and forgot all about the movie, till a year later one of my friends made it her point to remind me that I had indeed see such a movie. Sigh, why did she have to do such a thing? I was so happy not remembering.
  5. Devdas – I can’t stand SRK drunk and Aishwarya Rai crying. So avoided seeing this movie for 2 years, till I was on a flight to India and this movie was playing. They finished the movie in 2 hours flat, with a song..2 dialogs..a song..2 dialogs..a song.. But still 2 hours of torture. Now if only there was not this ginormous screen in front of me and the songs did not look good and I did not have to keep awake, I would have saved myself the torture.    

5 accessories you can create out of food        

  1. Necklace – String a whole lot of shell pasta to make one.
  2. Bob Pin – Asparagus can be used as is to make amazingly good-looking bob pins to be placed in the hair to hold on to a bob.
  3. Pendant – Hard boil an egg, peel the shell, cut a thick slice of the thickest part, remove the yellow. Volla..you have a pendant to be put in any string or chain.
  4. Ring – A thick Lady Finger/Orca can be cut at its thickest part, the seeds in the center removed to make a finger ring. (It would help if you had real thin fingers :P)
  5. Bracelet – String together Blue Berry and Black Berry alternately to make one.   

5 places where you won’t be seen dead at        

  1. Disney Land – Buzz might one day make me eat my word, but till then I am standing strong against princesses and their castles. Shoot me if Buzz makes me step in to one OK.
  2. Reality TV – Can never understand how people can be so stupid as to go on TV and act the way they do. Is 15 mins of fame truly worth it?
  3. Neiman Marcus – Or any other high-end retail stores. I can never let myself spend $200 for a pair of jeans or buy $100 candles.
  4. Rock Climbing a multi-pitch climb – I hate am not too fond of rock climbing but go and climb a little once in a while..Sigh things one does for love. But I no there is know way I can stand more than one rope length of rock climbing. That would kill me.
  5. Mc Donald’s in India – Yes I am shallow like that..not that I go to Mc. Donald’s here but when in India I am looking to eat at a Sukh Sagar or a Kabab House. I could never understand the charm of Mc Donald’s  when I was India and now I don’t get it all the more.

5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere    

  1. Nosey Aunty – All those aunties who keep getting their claws in everyone’s business.
  2. Some Desi’s around – Not talking about it. Wait for a humongous post if I can get over my anger.
  3. Developer at work – Dude, can you please let the rest of us know when you change core code just because you don’t like the look of it. It will save us, the rest of us, hours and hours of debugging time.
  4. Clothes makers – Can you people not find any other colour for children clothes other than Pink and Blue. I mean come on, really.
  5. Insensitive people – How about thinking just for a minute before you speak. Just listen to the stuff that come out of your mouth.

5 things you’d do to scare anybody   

  1. Fiddle with light switch – Back in the hostel days I figured out that rooms had different switches in the mother board for lights and fans (something to do with the way the wiring was done amongst various rooms. A plan was hatched. When the hostel was almost empty due to some holiday and most girls had gone home, one person was marked.
  2. Tie strings to doors – We went to a floor above, dangled string from the balcony to this room’s balcony. With some pretext went in to the balcony of this room. Tied the string to the door from outside and left the door unlocked. When it was dark, someone manned the mother board, someone the string, someone threw pebbles at the window. The light went on and off, so did the fan, the balcony door opened oh so slowly and pebbles hit the window. The poor girl came screaming out of her room.
  3. Hide behind doors – Only to have a couple of us scream at her outside her main door. She was so shook up that it took her an hour to calm down 😀
  4. Creep from behind – This is of course the most common one. Creep from behind, don’t make a noise and then say Bhooo..
  5. Tell ghost tales late at night – Another classic hostel scare. Some person who committed suicide in this very room..etc.. ect..

  OK. Now your turn. I need to tag 5 people. So here goes Celestial Rays, Dido, Swaram, Geeta, Saya


27 thoughts on “5×5=25

  1. Oh wow! This is such a different tag .. awesomely interesting 😉
    U hv come up with superb ones for the last part Comfy 😀
    And totally agree with u abt the insensitive ppl part 🙂
    Thanks for tagging me .. lemme scratch my head now

  2. Whoa Comfy…really interesting answers!! 😀

    Told ya…it’ll be fun!! 😛

    I could hit one of those developer guys too…they’d come to me blankly…can you explain the bug please…WTH…what’ll they do then?? 😉

    And ‘Dil Ka Rishta’?? Really?? Nothing on earth can make me tolerate Ms Rai..she’s so god damn irritating…I only saw Devdas (purely for Madhuri) other than her Salman movies 😛

    Good job!! 😀

  3. lovely tag Comfy…your intelligence is overflowing in here 🙂 Maja aa gaya..and after reading this one I’m so much sure that I’ll be just so lame in all the answers 😦

    and you have been a great prankster,han !!

    1. Ahaa..overflowing intelligence.. 🙂

      I can bet you will do an amazing job..can’t wait to read yours 🙂

      Naa..no great prankster..bunch of us came up with the idea..was a lot of fun 🙂

  4. You’ve done the tag real well 🙂
    You’ve let out your real self in answering those questions.

    Now I can imagine how naughty a kid you would have been, how creative you are,how disciplined and mature you are in your perspective of life and what’s your full time job (and many more 🙂 )

    Your posts fill me with so many ideas and now you’ve made me want me do this tag so desperately. Will do it sometime for sure 😀

    Enjoy 😀

  5. nicely done.. could so relate to the “top 5 people you’d love to hit, anytime, anywhere ” except the developer part (not an IT person) and all those pranks.. must have been so fun!!

  6. OMG I am tagged ….
    You were the one to give me my first award…and you are the first one to tag me..
    You are so creative ….Wonderful answers…
    Looks like I have to pull my hair ,scratch my head for hours to complete the tag…
    Thanks Dear…

  7. Lolzzz… awesomee tag… loved the Dil ka rishta and devdas thing loll

    thanks for tagging me… i’l take it up…gimme sum time.. really hav to thinkkk harddd

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