Walk away

I got up one morning to see Buzz standing in her crib looking out the window and moving her had as if waving bye.. I looked out the window and saw no one, and then Buzz waves bye only when told so I shrugged it off as some hand gesture that she was making.

Then over the weekend, I went grocery shopping with her. Every time she saw someone’s back turned and walking away she would wave and sometimes even utter ‘Baaaayyyee’. This is when it hit me on what was going on.

When Buzz started daycare she would cry anytime someone was leaving because she wanted out of the place and wanted whoever was leaving to take her with them. Since she knew how to wave bye, her daycare teachers starting telling her to wave her hands in bye every time she saw people leaving. This helped her and she is now quite happy to see people leave and is seen waving to all making their way out of the daycare.

And now apparently she has made the same association with anyone and everyone who has their back towards her and are walking on. So if you want Buzz to wave to you, all you have to do is walk away.. 🙂

PS: Mom and Dad are excluded because then we only cry..


32 thoughts on “Walk away

    1. We never taught Buzz ‘bye’. We use to wave to her and say bye when we headed to work..and one day she just waved on her own.

      So I guess it is simplicity of gesture and the repetition of the action every day that she picked up.

      In fact we started teaching small other things to her after this because we realized she was ready to learn..

      1. that’s why they call it like a rebirth after you have kids 🙂 so rebirth comfy and how old are you running right now on rebirth scale 😉

  1. Buzz is a very cute smart kid and a very fast learner (just like I was 😉 )
    I can imagine what must have crossed your mind when the realization of the real reason of her innocent gesture must have struck you.

    But what I feel is, making her wave bye bye actually makes it more bearable to deal with emotion of parting and distracts her for sometime 😀 for I see so many kids cry as soon as someone walks away.

    **Hugs to the little fairy**

    1. Kids see things in such a different way..rather they correlate things in a much more different way than we adults do..I guess that’s why we get such delight out of these small actions..

  2. Noooo…I’ll give her presents so she’ll smile at me when I come…not leave 😛

    ‘Bye’ is the first thing all kids learn is it?? Same here! 😀

  3. Oh o !!I would never want her to wave me cause that would mean me turning my back on her 😛 Instead I would want to hug her, play with her and plant loads of muuuuuaaahs on her cheeks 🙂

    Awww makes me miss Buzzie pie so much..all these blog posts slowly are making me knowing Buzz so so much as if I meet her daily 🙂

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