Name a name

Driving down to work in our Sedan, I am indulging in my favorite pastime when on the road..reading number plates of the cars driving in front. Spot one ‘XML-…‘ and get all excited because that actually means something. Conversation that moves on to custom number plates.

Me: I once saw MEMSAB as in Memsahib
D: Oh and MASTI
D: Remember that Yellow Porsche we saw with number plate SARDAR
Me: That was so cool *with a huge grin on my face*
D: Let’s get a custom number plate for our car
Me: What would you have on it?
Me: Oh please keep your Delhi lingo to yourself. It is coming nowhere near my car
Me: Next

A lot more name suggested, all in the same vein. All rejected. Some with hoots of laughter, some with shake of a head, some with screeching NO

D: How about BUNTY?
Me: ha ha ha
D: *Thinking for a bit* You know what? Let’s name our SUV, BUNTY and call this Sedan, BABLI

So there you have it people. If you ever see BUNTY and BABLI on the road you know you have reached the Comfy household. 😀 😀


41 thoughts on “Name a name

  1. wow names 😛 hehehe..and the fun you guys must have had while finalising the names 🙂

    life has these tid-bits to offer to us and we need to catch up right there and have a hearty laugh…you did just that and extended it to us to have fun too 🙂


    errr..thoda philosophical ho gaya kya ? 😉

  2. Bunty and Babli!!!…okkk….now i fear what u have named buzz?

    but seriously completely agree with what Nu’s says and i think somewhere to capture those tid-bits someone of us want to blog!!

  3. Hmmm…reminded me of the time when we were trying to settle on a name for my son 🙂 …A didn’t help much…and very happily ruled out all my suggestions!! 😛

    To put it simply…both A’s and my name are very connected and we wanted kiddo’s name to be an extension of it…so the exercise of picking a name was long..but we managed! 😀

    Bunty and Babli is melodramatically filmy!! Good choice! 😉 😀

    No one’s ever gonna forget these two chariots in the Comfy parking space 😉

  4. When Buzz grows up and comes to know of her blog name, she’ll probably argue with you as to which name in the household is the coolest : Buzz, Bunty or babli 😀

    PS : Buzz is the coolest, by the way 🙂

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