Travel Thursday – El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

One of the first images that you see while planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas is ‘The Arch’. One of the first things that you see when you reach Cabo San Lucas is ‘The Arch‘. The moment you hit the beach, this phenomenal natural arch carved by the sea and its waves is impossible to miss. Also called the ‘Lands End‘ because this is the southmost tip of the ‘Baja California‘ peninsula.

And being the prominent structure that it is most of the outdoor activities in Las Cabos revolve around it. One can take a water taxi (a small boat that seats about 8 people) for $10 to take a tour around the Arch and then get dropped at the beach next to it. Specify a time you want to get picked up and the taxi will come pick you up at that time. You can take a snorkeling tour and they will drive you in and around the Arch before taking you to the designated snorkeling area. You can take a kayak guided tour which will start at the harbor take a loop around the Arch and then back. And so many other activities all revolving around this one impressive natural structure.

The Arch has Sea of Cortez on the harbor side and the Pacific ocean on the other side. When the Sea of Cortez is where the calm waters are. The Pacific side has very rough sea with unexpected high tides and everyone is suggested to not swim on that side.

We did a couple of activities and I am putting together pictures of the Arch, its various moods and some of its inhabitants.

Lands End
A look from the other side
Sea Lions
Flying Manta Ray
Boat side view
Birds resting
Day End

40 thoughts on “Travel Thursday – El Arco de Cabo San Lucas

  1. i hadnt even heard of Cabo San Lucas till now.. googled it ..and now i am signinifcantly more knowledgeable about that place.. 🙂
    ur pics are just beautiful!! its the bluest sea i’ve seen in a while.. of course i live in bbay.. and u know how clean our sea is! 😛 loved the sky and the inhabitants! did u take all the pics?

    1. Thank You Mandira.

      Yeah the sea is much cleaner this side..but Bombay stays my fav. city of all times..and I always cherish the waves hitting Nariman Point during the monsoons. 🙂

      Yes all the pictures are taken from our camera..

  2. WoW! I enjoy guessing the details in your wordless Wednesday post picture 🙂
    Your posts are helping me train my eyes to look for details 😀 😀

    Loved the chiseled look of the weathered rocks.

    Cool pics Comfy 😀 😀

  3. Speechless. Mast. Bahut Badhiya. Muito Boa. 😀

    You should seriously consider the job of travelogue writer. You might land up making a fortune. 🙂

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