Note of thanks

To Whoever came up with the concept of Daylight saving,

As most people mourn the loss of one hour and the lack of sleep etc., I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me.

I can now call India without thinking who is up and who asleep, who is at home and who is at work, and the constant juggling I do around the various schedules.

Thanks to you, I get to spend one extra hour with Buzz before she goes to bed. And what a glorious hour that is. The non-stop playing, smiles, high-fives, giggles, claps. An extra hour of holding her, hugging her, showering her with kisses. It gives me so much peace. And now I can plan on taking her to the park and let her run around, rather than struggle with coming home, cooking for her, feeding her, giving her a bath before it is time for her to sleep. Now we have a whole 60 minute to have a blast without life and all its must do’s intrude.

But most important fact of all, I get to have one extra hour of sleep. Ahh..sleep..bliss.

So thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart,


28 thoughts on “Note of thanks

  1. Wow! that was a very sweet post on day-light saving 😀
    Getting an extra hour of fun time with buzz and a visit to the park sounds great 🙂

    Enjoy the much needed extra hour of sleep too 😀


    1. Thank You Mr. Hudson and thank you Nu for looking it up for me..

      You did look it up right? You just did not know this from your GK books..I will feel very dumb it you please say you looked it up..

  2. Wah wah ji…anything for spending a precious hour with the most precious person 🙂 🙂

    Not-so-bad concept really…as long as you look at it positively! 😀

      1. Comfy dear…crazy is the new ‘smart’!! 😀

        Its hard to find people who can laugh at themselves.. and I guess we have a huge ‘crazy bunch’ out here… And we love it!!! 🙂 🙂

  3. so sweeet…i can undrstand…i hate to leave my niece for work 😦 😦 and thats the time when she wakes up and i feel like cuddling and playin wid her!!

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