Dad and Me

Hi Everyone,

Maa was telling me that a special friend of mine (and yes she is my friend not Maa’s since she takes my side in all things) asked Maa to write about Paa and me. But Maa being Maa, who knows when she would get to it. So I am taking matters in my own hands.

Where do I begin? hmm..with the fact that I save my biggest and bestest smiles for me think..hmm..sorry I am little it takes me a while to make up my mind..

OK let me tell you guys this, every morning after I wake up and Maa takes care of changing my diaper and feeding me, the two of us get down to playing, till it is time to go wake Paa up. Then Maa picks me up and I get to knock on the door (which is closed so that I don’t disturb Paa by barging in to the room before it’s time..or so says Maa). Once the knocking is done, Maa turns the knob and I get to push the door (Yes yes, I am a big girl now). I get my first glimpse of Paa for the day and I almost jump out of Maa’s hand in my hurry to get to Paa. Maa sits me down on the edge of the bed and I quickly scramble up to Paa’s face. My hugs and tugs and giggles (his beard is ticklish, you see) is what Paa wakes up in the morning to. We bestow huge smiles to each other, Maa forgotten completely.

Then the fun begins. In between hugs and kisses, the two of us roll all over the bed, play with the pillows, hide under the blanket, and laugh non-stop. If you did not know, Paa is my humongous, gigantic, obstacle course and I have a blast just overcoming the ever-changing, challenging course.

After a while, Paa carries me to the kitchen where I get to hang out playing with spoons and bowls (which Maa does not let me..mean her) while the morning tea gets made. Then as Paa sits on the couch sipping his tea, we play the game of..oh the tea-cup is hot..touch it with a little finger and then say ‘Phoo Phoo’ to help cool it down, where Paa also secretly sneaks in a couple of crackers for me.

By the time Paa’s tea is done, Maa comes in to the living room, all dressed to head to work and I get to hang out with her, while Paa disappears in to the bathroom. 

Paa and I are best of friends, and have a blast together. Maa always shakes her head at the mess we make, but who cares. I love my Paa and that is the important thing.

What, Oh yeah..Maa is coming to get me, as it’s time for my sleep. So let me hurry off, before she catches me with her laptop. Don’t tell her I wrote this OK, please.  

Loads of hugs for all of you,

PS: Trish Aunty passed this badge to Maa, but I would like to pass it on to my pals (after all this blog is what it is because of me). So here is to my awesome friend Divz, my rocking akka Revs, my strongest supporter T, my coolest mausi Nu, my future love guru Misty, my storyteller pal CB, my funnest bald friend Ramit, my newest friends Vash and Nuttie, my almost like me twin sister Nikki’s cool Mom, my smartest bride friend, my newest friend’s always happy Mom, my sweetest buddy Swaram, the soon to be bride Elegant Chick, missing in action pal Matt, recently all quite Vishwa, my future as  Chotu’s present as written by his Mom, touch my heart poems Geeta, my counselor in life PB, the keen observer in life G, the completely amazing Mandira, the calming Dew, the ecstatic to be returning home Saya..and all the other people in Maa’s blog roll that I might have missed. And oh back to Trish Aunty duh.. comes Maa. Got to run. Good Night..


76 thoughts on “Dad and Me

  1. Awwww buzzz thank u – you are officially my first blog award giverr….!!! and u are very very cute!

    and i love how u write…(def a chip off ur mommy)…u must sneak into mommy’s laptop more often…!!!

    Lots of hugss!!!

  2. What a sweet post Buzz 🙂
    I had been cooking a very very similar post in my mind while you posted this 😀 😀
    Thanks a bunch buzz baby for the chweet award 😀

    You are indeed a cutie pie, a bundle of joy not just for maa and paa but for all of us maa’s buddies. You know not how much we long to hear about your new mischievous acts.

    Stay the same naughty cute fairy buzz, I know it well, how much fun it is to be dad’s girl, I too have been one all my life.

    Sleep tight buzzu and sweet fairy dreams 😀 😀


  3. Hey there buzzies Pie 🙂 Loads of love to you darl 🙂 You know something ? A secret between you and me 😉 You write so well than your maa …*giggles*

    YAY to yours and paa’s best friendship 🙂 That’s like a daddy’s girl 🙂 and you know I was and am still the same to my here’s a slight same pinch to you *ouch* hehehe 🙂

    And I so loved the badge sweetheart 🙂 Here’s a flying kiss to you 🙂

    Keep smiling sweetheart and hey come back soon whenever you can grab mommy’s laptop…!!

  4. Hey there buzzie Pie 🙂 Loads of love to you darl 🙂 You know something ? A secret between you and me 😉 You write so well than your maa …*giggles*

    YAY to yours and paa’s best friendship 🙂 That’s like a daddy’s girl 🙂 and you know I was and am still the same to my here’s a slight same pinch to you *ouch* hehehe 🙂

    And I so loved the badge sweetheart 🙂 Here’s a flying kiss to you 🙂

    Keep smiling sweetheart and hey come back soon whenever you can grab mommy’s laptop…!!

    1. 😀 yeah Buzz writes better than Maa…
      I was all smiles reading the post 🙂

      After the injustice Maa inflicted on us, Buzz has given us a badge to make us feel better 😛

      Sweet na?

      “Bhagwan ke ghar dher hai andher nahi” 😛

  5. Awww….You stole my heart baby. Love ya. Huggs. 🙂

    I am not much good with words; but you get the drift right ? 😛

    and Comfy Maa

    Geez you called me love guru ? 😯

    but Thanks for Passing the award !

    Feels good 🙂

      1. Sheesh….I am last one for such things. 😆

        I am still wondering why comfy came up with this thing ?

        Poor me when did I give advice to someone on their love life ? Sigh !

        and it reminds me some of cheap flick …there was one I guess ! 😛

        1. No..not love life..Love in general. the love of giving..and love of doing the right thing..the love of seeing beauty in everyday things..and then of course love that lasts a life time.

          In my life I am sure there will be a lot of ups and downs and you have to teach me to never give up hope..and the everlasting love..that transcends time and age will be there for me always..

          Yup you are my love guru in all things we love in life Misty.


  6. Awww…this is chooooooo chweeeeeeeeeett!! 🙂

    Buzzy darling…I know your Mom’s going to think we’re all taking sides with our dearest sweetheart ‘bhanji’ and ignoring her…but WTH…she’s mean to you na…she deserves it!! 😉 😀

    Know what honey…she was complaining the other day that you make her work more and clean the house…why don’t you make her life harder by being even more mischievious 😛

    Papa will always be partial to you…all Paas love their daughters like crazy…and Moms are simply jealous…jaane do unko 😀 😀

    ( Comfy’s not heading for a ‘lakdi’ to hit me right??)

      1. Yeah right…even now my brother complains on how he receives ‘secondary’ treatment 😛

        My dad has always been and I’m sure will be more attached with me..somehow after marrying their daughters off the bond deepens, don’t you think?? 🙂

        Buzz dear is very lucky…to have such an adorable and loving father :D…(and ok Mom too :P)!!

  7. OMG!!!!!!!!!

    Comfy you did it for me?????!!!!!!!!

    Thanks you so much for a D-Buzz story written in such a style! Mmuuahs 😀

    I must warn you though, that now, after Buzz, D is going to have more fan followers than you on your blog 😛

    I am sure somewhere between pillow masti and ‘phoo phoo’ Buzz and Paa think Maa is HOT! In a few years, Buzz might start wanting to dress like Maa, carry bigger than her handbags and look important like Maa, and even wear Maa’s shoes around the house and act like Maa 😀

    And Paa, he’s the lucky man to be surrounded by pretty women his whole life 😀

    OK now for the record, I HAVE TAKEN YOUR SIDE 😀
    No more… I am all Buzzu’s now 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And thanks for the lovely badge 🙂

      1. No no I didn’t change sides… I am always on Buzzu’s side 🙂
        Just this one time I thought Comfy needed some lurve in the midst of Father and Daughter’s mutual admiration 😛

        Also she did this post on my saying, so.

  8. AWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    I loved reading you, Buzz darling. And how sweet is your daily morning routine with Paa!!!! Many many hugs to you, sweetheart and of course million kisses.

    Ask Maa to let you write more often, will ya? How about Fun Friday posts from Buzz every week? 😉

    Congratulations on your award. And thank you soooooo much for passing it on. I hope I do live up to being your strongest supporter all the time :). Love you!

  9. I am highly elated to have my first blog award and that too from such a sweetheart cutie pie…..Love you darling…Buzz-y Bee
    Thanks so much for this lovely badge.
    So you are teamed up with your Pa…(good, great going Dear)

  10. wow…what an award…thanks a lot sweetie cutie pie buzzu…a very very sweet post.

    P.S: as far as vishwa being silent, he is always lurking around reading posts…just doesnt have the time to comment on em…sorry buzz…will make it a point to comment and post often…

    1. You are very welcome Vishwa.. and oh no..we were not commenting about your not commenting part..we were commenting about your not updating your blog part.

      Commenting on post on other blogs is not a requirement. Updating your blog when you have one is a must do requirement.

      Please write soon.

  11. Thank you lil sistah 🙂 Pliss to give me a place in the Papa D admirers Club 😀

    Mommy, I’ll side you. ALWAYS. Ofcourse I love Buzz and I’ll be a good sister and all that, but then you will always come first for having made this beautiful baby and I know that you ARE always right. I’ll just close my eyes and trust you and I’ll let Buzz know thats the best way to go 🙂

  12. Buzz! you called me “friend” and avoided the “aunty!”

    You are Wharton material Buzz, though you dont have to think abt all that for another twenty years!

    PS : Please please Buzz, call Revs aunty okay? 😀

  13. Awwwwww! Buzz.. you are toooooo sweet. Don’t listen to mummy about not being naughty…. that is what kiddos like you are supposed to be doing.. no? What does mummy know about such things!

    Hugs to baby! None to mummy :p 😀

    Ok.. hugs to mummy too… its her blog after all!

  14. Dear Buzz,

    So my mom calls me “appa bhakth”. After reading this post, I feel like you are one too.Most of my mornings are spent just the way urs is. I totally like this part of my day. Glad to meet u Buzz and thanks for the award.
    Amma is much chuffed.


  15. Hi there Buzz! I was sitting on The Mommy Woman’s lap when she suddenly started screeching and whirling around the room yelling ‘My first award! My first award!’, so I thought I’d write to you instead.
    You know its uncanny this similarity between us, my mornings are EXACTLY like yours- playing with The Papa Man and I always save my best smiles just for him! Gosh we have so much in common, I wish we get to meet sometime! Bye for now and, oh, The Mommy Woman says a big thank you for the award!


  16. Most Seriously loving post !!!!

    The kid waking up the dad is the best thing that can ever be… I so want my son to do that… but he is a Kumbhkaran… I have to wake him up all the time !!!!

    1. I on the other side can’t wait for her to turn in to a Kumbhkaran.. 🙂

      PS: Err who is calling whom Kumbhkaran..who refuse to wake up on time and land 60 Km from the desired destination? 😛 😛

  17. Aww thatz soooo sooo sweet Buzzu baby 🙂 Dad’s r the best rn’t they 😉

    Congrats and thanks a lot for the award 🙂

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