Wordless Wednesday – XIII


44 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – XIII

  1. What a gorgeous shot. Loved the blue green tint to the sea 😀
    My guess the white stuff is the steam smoldering from a nearby volcano or a hot sulfur spring near the cool sea waters.

    I thought so cause the grey land nearby looks more like cooled down lava.

    Fingers crossed, can’t wait for the details 😀 😀


  2. This is a breach of promise, sheer bias and injustice to the highest degree Your Honour. On the 19th of Feb, 2010, Comfy alias Comfortablynam had made a written deal with me, Celestialrays and Nu which has been broken, shattered and buried.

    I seek justice Your Honour. I seek justice…

    I rest my case by submitting the sole evidence I have –

    1. Yes I agree to each and every word that celestialrays has filed for justice ! And since the evidence lies at my place I’m the authorised approver of the same and I agree that it is right !


      1. Read the words again both of you..In Nu’s post is said ‘maybe I should host a competition and give you info on how to win on the side‘ and in the comment above I said ‘ May be I will create a badge for the one who does guess

        Maybe being the big difference 😛 😛 No actual promises made. This will not hold in any court 👿

        1. “Dost dost na raha…. yaar yaar na raha”
          Sigh…. 😦 😦 😦

          forget it Nu… Buzz is the only hope, the only love, in the Comfy residence….

          😥 😥

          1. Lo..first you don’t nibhaaoo the dosti and then say ‘dost dost naa raha’.. Always taking Buzz’s side..mein abla akeli ke akeli

            Err..is it not ‘Pyaar pyaar naa raha’ 😛

                  1. don’t even think about changing the Pyarr thing 😉 you know what will it mean,right 🙂 LOL

                    And yes Divz..all hopes lost !! Sach mein dushman na kare dost ne jo kaam kiya hai…

      1. Koi mujhse se bhit o puche ki mujhe kya chahiye 😛 all dost yarri bettwen you two only kya ? What about m justice 😦 nobody loves me 😦

        1. Oye..pehle uthke aankh to masal le..phir to tujhse kuch puchein..

          Haan to bataa thaakur..tujhe kya chahiye..’Maar diya jaaye yaa chode diya jaaye, bol mere saath kya kasoor kiya jaaye’

          1. Divi the ball is in our court…someone has given us the right to decide !! Come on..to bata teri raja kya hai julmi…

            hehehehehahahahahihihihi…it’s getting so hilarious !

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