All fall down

..rather thrown down.

I sometimes wonder what goes through her mind? Why does she do the things she does? Same actions day after day, multiple times a day, without fail.

Picture this: Soon after she wakes up, I bring her to the living room (which is more of her play room than anything). As soon as I stand her up, she runs to her toys, which D or I have cleared up from all over the house and placed in a basket the night before after she is asleep for the night. And no the running is not to play with the toys, the running is to dump all of them out of the basket.

She has such a joy on her face as she diligently picks each and every toy and throws it on the ground. Every which direction. Once done, the basket empty, she gets up and precedes to throw anything and everything that she can get her hands on from the couch and dining table, which could be the TV remote, a blanket, a cellphone, a book. She even manages to move the laptop a couple of inches, if she can get her hand on it.

Finally everything is on the ground. All over the place. All our cleaning efforts in vain. The playground is ready. She starts to flutter from one toy to the next, pressing a button for music here, moving a lever there, mouthing this, scrunching that.

And if we so design to start cleaning up and placing things back in the bin, she is right there to get it all out. Which is the best game there is, can keep her (and us) busy for at least an hour. Us placing things in, she getting them out. And she is very specific in getting the toy we place in last out. ‘Last in First out‘ is our Mantra. At this rate D can start teaching her about Stack and move on to stack overflow real soon.

But let me get back to, what is she thinking? Why does everything have to be on the ground? Is it a sense of security, that now she can touch/reach everything? Is it marking her territory, her toys all over means she can play all over? Don’t know,  but I still wonder, as I smile an indulgent smile.


44 thoughts on “All fall down

  1. Buzz probably likes to see all toys in action. The way she is free to play around, she wants her companions free around her, free to dance, move and produce music.

    If we see it all from our adult eyes we see her creating a mess with everything. See it from her eyes. Her domain is on the floor or the carpet. She likes things being in her domain to be reachable and a participant in her play.

    Try leaving the toys all over tonight once she goes to bed. Point being, let her find the toys lying just the way she left them and wait to see what she does. Probably she’ll do something new.

    We can only try, for we know not what naughtiness races in buzz’s mind the minute she sees her little toy buddies 😀 😀

    Enjoy playing with the cute naughty fairy 😀 😀


    1. I do that when both of us are too tired or lazy to clean up. Buzz seems kind of sad at those times. It’s her thing to do early morning, and I guess she misses it. So then she clings on to me to pick her up so that she can stand on the couch so that she can pull things down from the window sill 🙂

  2. Good question, yeah. Why do little babies do that?

    Come to think of it, why would anyone want to do that?

    Why do girls mostly empty their closets every morning to decide what they want to wear? And then forget to put everything back again? 😮

    Fret not, there’s mommy before marriage, and there’s hubby after marriage. Let’s take everything out of the closet and it’ll get put back in order by magic! 😀

    The magic that is hubby dear! 😀

    Damn, I did not know what I was marrying into! 😦 Feels like having a baby! Gah! 😀

    Oh and tagged you too. Just felt like it. 😛

    1. seem to have some unresolved issues here dude 😛

      In Comfy land the magic is all me. D can’t see or pretends not to see anything till I nag him..and then nag him some more 🙂

  3. All kids have the same habit…know what…my son has a habit of bringing in stuff from my kitchen in the living room…right from spoons to glasses and sometimes even jars containing biscuits…its his way of telling me that he wants me to feed him… 🙂

    Ditto with throwing all the stuff around…whatever he can lay his hands on has to be on the ground…where he can pick and throw it as much as he wants… 😀

    He manages to keep me busy all day cleaning up the house while he gladly messes up in no time…its very irritating..but kids are like that na!!

    Like you said…it must be the sense of security…Buzz wants to make sure she can touch and feel all her stuff…and you cannot attempt to put it where she doesnt want it! 😀

  4. Wow this was a scene straight from my mornings with Nikki! Just like you said- wake up, empty toy basket, throw toys all over the place with a look of abject disdain on face, then attack the other stuff like newspapers, remote etc. And my streak of OCD is usually in overdrive early mornings, so I run around like an automaton putting things back, which she finds MOST entertaining 🙂
    I’m wondering what’ll become of me when she grows tall enough to reach the shelves and cabinets that are as yet out of her reach.

  5. well well..not an experienced commenter on this..but I can gauge that Buzzie Pie is actually trying to make you guys buys and around her may be 🙂

    Also I have seen all kids doing this..throwing things on the ground or taking them out of the basket..

    May be they like clutters..may be they want their space according to their liking…

    Why don’t you try this..tomorrow morning when you take her out in the living room keep her toys already spread like she does…then see her reaction..does she try to put them back in ? or is happy that the ground is set for her already ?

      1. hehe ambitious han 🙂 So basically she just likes pulling out things.. 🙂 like everyone else here is saying it’s common with kids !

  6. I too am not an experienced commenter here but yes I have seen my nephew doing the same actions and my sister running around him for the whole day…..To see her running here and there was fun…

  7. OMG, I am so glad you guys are still sane 😛

    Good exercise though! It is said that children repeat things coz its the only way for them to learn… So Buzzu proly repeats the same things to make sure it happens the same way everyday, like an assurance perhaps…

    Or proly having her stuff(or your stuff) everywhere is her idea of being organized 🙂

    Psst Buzzu – Do you know there is a big beautiful light bulb inside Mamma and Pappa’s wardrobe? To see it, you have to throw all their clothes and scatter them everywhere. Only then will you find the hidden light. So baby, ‘Bolo light kahan hai?’

    😆 😆

    Am I still welcome to your house Comfy?

    1. hmpp… Divz..out..out with you..

      Oh OK..never are welcome to my house anyday..since you promised the baby sit Buzz..

      Thankfully she does not know where our wardrobe is just yet..and by the time she learns she will be old enough that I can tell her to clean up 😛 😛

  8. cutie pie…my niece does the same thing…again n again….she knows that again ppl wud come bk to her to rearrange things n play wid her 🙂

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