Sahi Jawaab

If you have a baby, obsessed with light and point to any and every light source with glee. And if you happen to ask where light is..the eyes search, a gleam comes to them as the mouth breaks in to a grin, as soon as lit up light source is spotted.

You are out for a walk at dusk, one lone light bulb shining far far off. You just for the heck of it ask

Buzz light kahaan hei?

Her head comes up. Every direction looked at. And finger raised high, pointing to the shinny moon. What do you do? Right answer or wrong?

Crazy mom that I am, applause is what I break in to. You?


48 thoughts on “Sahi Jawaab

                1. could not get a word right at that moment hence created one of my own 😉 Creativity you see…aajkal class mein padha rahi hoon na soo.. 😉

  1. a stand up clap for darling buzzie pie 🙂 Muuuuaaah 🙂 What a logic na 🙂 Shes smart..ahem like her mausi..Nu mausi !!

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