A 6 year old ABCD (American Born Cute..for now, will take a while to get to Confused..Desi) telling a 6 year old ABCD friend of hers:

My Mommy and Daddy speak in a weird accent

Her friend solemnly nods and says:

Mine too

That’s it. The writing is on the wall. The future is clear. Let me go and bury my head in the sand now.


32 thoughts on “Overheard

  1. My my I can imagine what all went through your mind when you must have overheard this 😀

    Kids of our Italian neighbors aged 5 and 7 say exactly the same things about their parents 😀 😀

    Just relax and enjoy Comfy!!

    1. It’s all of us babe..No one is any better..Same boat and all..

      but you still have some time right..no kid just yet..and none in the near future.. My time is coming soon 😦

    1. Oh it is going to happen..and I am ready for it..with my version of making fun of Buzz’s Hindi accent..because her hindi accent will be as bad as my English 👿 😛 😛

    1. It was literally a 30 second conversation..between play.. don’t know why they had it though..

      I know, I will be fine T.. I have a plan 😀

            1. Aunty Nu..she is going to make fun of your English too..(unless you have this super cool Amrikan accent..) and I bet you will change teams and move to my side in a heartbeat 😛 😛

    1. Oh..you will be loved by your kid then.. 😛

      I know no one cares Ramit..it was just such a funny conversation and the expressions on their faces were priceless..so thought of capturing it on the blog for the future 😀

  2. Oh shoot.

    I think we should just bundle these kids up and maroon them in some tiny Indian gaon for three years – or as long as it takes for them to acquire “weird accents” too.

    Who knew I’d no longer be the most pretentious snob I knew, huh. Kids sure have a way of teaching you humility – Even before they’re born, sometimes!

  3. I feel its just not here, it happens in India too. My nephew correct his dad’s mallu accent..Poor dad how can he ever change that accent ..

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