Wordless Wednesday – XII


60 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – XII

    1. And this time you finally landed on the land 😉 after all these days of sky-ing and snow-ing and cloud-ing 😉

          1. Han and then CR can run like Urmi and catch her Aamir 😉 and Jackie can sulk sitting on the same rock ! Wow…what a movie plot !

    1. That’s totally fine.. 🙂 ..I am having a blast reading through all of it.. 🙂

      I am just glad you are back..now get cracking on Random stuff.. waiting to read.. 🙂

  1. ‘By the sea’ just like my latest fiction series 😀 😀
    I can’t help relating the way I had imagined my story’s lead lady similarly this rock is standing strong facing everything sea has to throw at her 😀

    Sea month is going to be real fun. Can’t wait to read the travelogue behind this picture 😀


        1. I tell you comfy..theres so much to catch up..it’s the law..when you are not around people post too much in those days 😉

    1. hmm..let me see what I can do..

      Editing to Add: So looked around..the template that I am using does not allow for Next/Previous Button..and I love this template..so Sorry 😦 ..Anyways..I did the next best thing that I could..Add the latest 5 posts on the right side bar.. That way you can get to the latest posts in one click..rather than 2 clicks..

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