Fun times

You know you are in for fun fun times, when little Buzz who has been playing quietly in a corner walks up to you. As you look up, a huge smile is bestowed on you, with eyes shining. You see something small in her mouth. As you lunge for her, she runs off.

Prying paper out of baby teeth while trying to catch your breath..pure joy.. Ouch..


50 thoughts on “Fun times

  1. My my! Revs teaching little buzz all naughty tricks 🙂
    I can imagine her naughty smile from your words.

    Have lots of fun with the little fairy 😀

    Hugs to mum and buzz 😀 😀

  2. LOL! Such a sweetheart she is 🙂
    As a kid, my family says, I didn’t put anything into my mouth, but I loved to put random stuff in others’ mouths while they were asleep. Like salt, sugar, tea, coffee, Bournvita… Anything I deemed as not a choking hazard 😀

  3. When I was kid; I did all this adventures. Not in mouth but in the nose. My mum must have had hard time with me. 😛
    once it was roasted chana ( bhunja as we call it ) and other time it was small eraser !! 👿
    and I get still teased for this. 😀 😀
    Buzz is much sorted that way 😉

      1. Thanks for the rose Revs. One for you here @ ! 😉
        oh btw by practice I can say; taking out things from nose are way easier than taking out swallowed coins. 👿 😆

        1. hmm…need to think about this..

          Well Mom needs to take things out of the nose.. baby has to do the work for getting the swallowed coins out..

          And no I am not the mom who would go looking for it after.. 😛 😛

          I say it’s a tossup.. 😀

      1. We’ll do better than that! Next time I’m home, you’re more than welcome to visit us in CA. 🙂 With special invitations for Buzz Bee too! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. ahh..pure joy and cuteness 🙂 🙂 wat if its tinged with a bit of pain? but was it a “bit”?? baby teeth are capable of serious damange i am told.. i hvnt much first hand experience tho..

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