Life, the biggest teacher,
So say all the learned.
Life full of choices endless,
So says boggled mind mine. 

Stood at one big crossroad,
Saw it coming miles away.
Decision made, not much thought put,
One step forward, Life laughs aloud. 

Looking back has become the norm,
Legs refuse to take another step.
Heart wants to run back, change directions,
Fog covers all, Life illuminates nothing. 

Head and heart, what a tussle,
No prize awaits no matter who wins.
Pros and cons, long tabulated list,
Precarious each choice, Life teaches balance. 

Respite comes in way of little smile,
Faith takes root with a wave of hand.
Love the balm to heal all,
Life, sprinkles hope in the mix.


20 thoughts on “Crossroad

  1. So well written Comfy .. Respite does come in the form of those sweet li’l joys .. all we need is to take notice 🙂
    Loved it 🙂

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